Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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The quest to lose weight seems never ending for many people. The problem is that many people focus on dieting as a means to lose weight. They deprive themselves, sometimes almost starve themselves in hope of a quick result. They may get quick result but as soon as they return to their normal eating habits they gain the weight back (as quickly as they lost it) and sometimes even a few extra pounds. Dieting is bad for your body and your mind – it is not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight.

The way to control weight isn’t through dieting; it is about changing your overall mindset and of course, the foods you eat. Here are the discoveries that helped me get healthier and give up dieting for good. 

Discovery #1: Being Comfortable Is Killing You

The sense of comfort and fear of change kept me pre-diabetic, overweight and depressed for far too long. Here’s what I discovered: The real success in life comes from getting uncomfortable and facing your fears head on.

Sorry, going on a diet is not facing a fear, nor is taking the latest fad detox drink to help you lose weight.

I feared changing my diet for many years. This was because I had no idea what to eat to be healthy. I grew up eating Twinkies and Frosted Flakes for breakfast, hamburgers and onion rings for lunch and a steak or pasta for dinner. What did I know about whole, plant-based foods? Nothing.  The importance of eating healing living foods was completely foreign to me.

Everyone was telling me what I should and should not eat; newspapers, television, the Internet, well-intending friends and family. I felt frustrated, confused and angry. I was at the end of my line.

At my low point I was 40 pounds overweight, suffering with depression and anxiety. By then I had been diagnosed with ADHD, Asthma and loads of food allergies. I was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol, subsisting with the help of 4 different prescription drugs. Not a pretty picture.

The crazy thing? I was only 26 years old. Can you relate to any of my symptoms or illnesses? Do you know someone who can?

Still, I was comfortable and safe in my daily routine, which kept me going back to quick-fixes time and time again, back to the latest weight loss gimmick on the market. It wasn’t until I began to embrace my own ability to heal that I began to find solutions and experience results. Relying on what everyone else was telling me I should or should not do sure wasn’t getting me anywhere.

 Discovery #2: Fearing Knowledge Is Like Being In A Cage

We are at an age of information like no other in history. This very article is a perfect example of the unlimited amounts of information to which we have access. We are able to help ourselves in any way imaginable.

Learning to fly an airplane or build a car (or get healthy!) is only a click away.  Not all the information is good (nor do I recommend learning to fly a plane on the internet), but it’s there.

During many of my Power of Food events I talk about the idea that “You don’t know what you don’t know”. The power of self education has unquestionably been the single most significant reason I was able to reverse my pre-diabetic state, lower my cholesterol, lose 40 pounds and remove depression and anxiety from my life. It also allowed me to eliminate my once anaphylactic food allergies and increased my sleep quality and energy levels.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I got over my fear of the unknown and became open to what I did not know. It was at this point that new information entered my life and I was able to finally stop the yo-yo dieting that had plagued me for years. It all started with a click of a button and I began to discover the real Power of Food and how it could heal me from the inside out.

I spent countless hours reading books, articles on the internet and researching scientific studies about nutrition and the ability of food to heal. Very early on I discovered that my fear of knowledge held me back for far too long. As soon as I embraced learning for myself and stopped relying on traditional quick-fix health solutions, I began to gain confidence in myself and started to experience amazing results.

Discovery #3: Plant-Based Foods Will Set you Free

If you know my work with Power of Food, you know I am not about telling you what you should or should not eat. Everything in our fast paced lives needs to be easy – being told what you should or should not eat is not easy. But since I began adding some plant-based foods into my once daily processed food, heavy meat/dairy diet, my health has forever changed for the better. It started with adding some hemp seeds to my Frosted Flakes in the morning.

Within days, I began to notice more energy thanks to the protein and fat from the hemp seeds helping to control the blood sugar crash I usually got from the Frosted Flakes. After that I started adding hemp seeds into everything I ate.

It was amazing how fast my blood sugar got under control. My sugar cravings evaporated and I began to enjoy more sustained energy all day long. With no change in my diet! I also started to lose weight. Yep – I lost weight without changing my diet. Just by adding the hemp seeds I began eating less and began sleeping better at night (so important for healthy weight loss).

As I embraced the unknown and educated myself on the healing power of plant-based foods, I soon found myself craving more fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes rather than sugary carbohydrates, meats and dairy. I was so motivated by these results that I soon found my diet consisting of 80% plant-based foods and 20% processed or meat/dairy based foods. Not bad for a diet that was formerly 80% processed and 20% plant-based.

I had no idea I could get results without changing my lifestyle or restricting my diet. The sense of comfort in my daily routine and fear of knowledge kept me in an unhealthy state for 30 years. Once I got disturbed enough about my unhealthy state and got uncomfortable, I was able to face my fear of knowledge and begin educating myself. It took many years to get to where I am today, but I am happy to tell you my results came very quick.

Once you start to empower yourself through knowledge you will discover there was nothing to fear. The information you need to live the life of your dreams is all around you right now. Look! You’re reading this article right now. That’s a perfect example. You are now empowered to take action that will have a profound ripple effect on your entire life, without making any drastic changes.

Stop beating yourself up, take a deep breath and know that YOU CAN DO IT! OH YEAH! 

Are you ready to experience the health results you have been desiring for years? Do you want to avoid spending any more of your hard earned money on diets that will never get you the slim waistline you crave? If so, it’s time to embrace what you don’t know and begin.

If you lack the knowledge on where to begin, do not fear, I am here for you! It’s time to get a little uncomfortable to begin embracing the fresh and vibrant you that is only days away.

2 Action Steps to Get You Started

Action Step #1: Research one ailment you suffer from.

  1. In the next 48 hours, spend 2 hours researching online, reading a book and calling qualified friends. Learn all you can about one health concern you have.
  2. Spend a few minutes writing down the bits of information that resonate with you in some particular way.
  3. Look over your piece of paper. Choose 2 items on your paper and spend an additional 30 minutes of research on them.
  4. Armed with new knowledge, create one action step you will take in the next 24 hours to help alleviate this health concern.
  5. Review your action step and take additional steps as needed.
  6. Comment below and let me know how it went (I’ll be sure to respond personally).

Action Step #2: Add hemp seeds to your food.

  1. For the next 3 days add 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds to everything you eat and notice how your sugar cravings, food cravings and energy are.
  2. Comment below once you have done this for 3 days. I can’t wait to hear about it!

I look forward to hearing from you below and responding to your questions or comments


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Is hemp powder just as good as the whole hemp seed?

    • Hey Vanessa

      I prefer the whole hemp seed. This way it ensures I am getting all the other great benefits of hemp such as the oils and amazing iron. Oh Yeah

  2. thanks for the great info and “kick in the butt” Adam! gonna start today!

  3. Donna Schiavone says:

    Is there any other seed as good, like chia? Can you toast the hemp and still get the same effect?

    • Hey Donna

      I’m a huge fan of hemp seeds, but also love adding chia, ground flax, sprouted buckwheat, sesame seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds into loads of my meals and just munch on as a snack. Once you introduce heat to your food you start to kill some of the nutritional value. But that being said, I still bake with them knowing I am still getting more nutrients in especially when related to a processed cookie or granola bar 🙂

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