Which Body Part Can Jump Start Your Day?

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Hey…..I know what your thinking, but let’s not go there…..ooops..I guess I just did!

It’s funny how the mind likes to wonder and create all sorts of answers to this question. Have you figured it out yet, the one body part that can jump start your day? I have already given you the answer. Do you know what it is?

With an average weight of 3 pounds you wouldn’t think (oops, I just gave the answer away again) this body part is as powerful as it is, but it controls your every outcome.

If you are battling with your weight
If you suffer from the mid afternoon crashes
If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning……..

This one body part above all others can help you shift all your challenges with ease.

Yes, you know this body part very well. It is the single most powerful part of who you are………

Your every outcome in life, whether it is your health, relationships or career is driven by how you engage your brain. Scientifically, the function of the brain is quite complex with thousands of parts all interacting with one another. For simplicity sake, your ability to live a life of abundance is in your understanding of the following:

Your brain controls your thoughts = your thoughts lead to every feeling you have = your feelings lead to your actions = your daily actions become your habits. It is your habits that create your results.

If you want to know if you control your mind or your mind controls you, all you need to do is look at every result in your life and you will get a very clear picture.

On average you have over 70,000 thoughts per day. Unfortunately in North America we find ourselves living in a system that is dominated by negatives. All you have to do is read a newspaper or watch the news to understand this concept. It is very difficult to have positives dominate your life if negatives surround you.
2 Step To Freedom

To unlock your habitual patterns deeply engrained in you subconscious there are 2 steps you can take.

1. Eat more plant based, nutrient rich foods
2. Engage your intentions in a meaningful way

It’s amazing the space that begins to develop between how you FEEL and how you ACT when you take these 2 steps. It is this space between your feelings and actions that your ability to change your every outcome appears.

I would like to help make this easy for you to experience and my book e3 For LIFE walks you through the steps in detail.

It is not an overnight quick fix. This takes practice, but your results begin, not in years or months, but in a matter of days.

You have 1 life to live. Would you like to slowly go through the rest of your life status quo or would you like to be a part of changing the course of history?

I encourage you to take advantage of your March Newsletter and know that you have just read the above information for a reason.

I look forward to being a part of your success.

Your Friend in Health
Adam Hart

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