What are the Benefits of Soaking Nuts?

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A great question was asked about my Mojo Trail Mix video from my YouTube channel….

Why do you soak the nuts in this recipe? Doesn’t that lose the nutrients or make them go bad when you store them?

Here is my answer:

Almonds Soaking


Soaking your nuts for 6-8-12-24 hours depending on the nut, actually removes unwanted molds and releases the digestive enzymes making them easy for digestion.

This provides you with more energy and nutrient consumption.

Here is a handy chart with some soaking times for a select number of nuts to help get your started.


Soaking Chart


To ensure your soaked nuts do not go rancid, I remove the moisture by dehydrating them for 24-48 hours and then place them in my freezer to preserve their longevity. Most nuts are edible right from the freezer and can be enjoyed as an amazing on-the-go snack for quick energy.


If you missed my MOJO Trail Mix Recipe Video, here it is.


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