Wanting More Without Effort

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Your brain is after one thing and one thing and one thing only….pleasure. The reality is, we will do anything to avoid pain and anything to gain pleasure. If you are like me you have spent a lot of time wondering why you are not healthier or why you don’t have that million dollars in the bank yet. For years I spent avoiding the obvious. I was 40 pounds overweight, pre-diabetic and living off medication to mask my unhealthy state, when I realized that nothing was going to change unless I made an effort to create different results.

We have become a society demanding results and we want our results IMMEDIATELY. Nobody truly wants to put more effort into something that can be accomplished without it. We want things quick and easy, but the reality is you can’t accomplish much without effort. It is when you become aware that you need to take action and act in spite of fear, that all your dreams can become reality. I won’t lie to you and tell you that it’s easy, because it’s not. It takes commitment, courage and determination, but what I will tell you is that the more you take action the easier it gets.

You don’t walk into a gym lift some weights for 30 minutes, go for a run on the treadmill and walk out in top shape. You need to build a routine into your daily life that will produce the results you are after. If you want something different in your life, you need to make an effort and take action daily to achieve it. There is no magic pill that will improve your state. It is all up to you and YOU CAN DO IT!

I am living proof that you are worth it. You would not be reading this if you were not and I would not love you as much as I do if I knew you weren’t as powerful as you are. You just need to start believing in yourself and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you need some help to get started I would love to share with you the systems I created to help me achieve amazing results. I look forward to hearing about your improved results and being a source of light for you and your loved ones.

In Good Health

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Adam Hart is the bestselling author of The Power of Food. When not on stage speaking, Adam can be found helping one of his many corporate clients in awakening an abundance of energy through his highly engaging stress management solutions.Contact Adam to book a demo for an enhanced corporate wellness experience.

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