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In my book, The Power of Food, I share the 12 How-To Action Steps for achieving abundant health and happiness. In addition to being in nature and getting proper nutrition, a key action step I discuss in my new book involves using the power of intention.

I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing what you want in life. If you feel like you’re living a life of chaos, most likely it’s due to the fact that you don’t now what it is you truly want in life. More money? The ideal partner? A new job? The truth is, using intention with the steps I share in the pages of The Power of Food will help make that a reality for you.

One technique for engaging your intentions and building a stronger vibration from which to manifest is the use of a vision board. I have had several vision boards over the years. For a long time now I’ve spent the first few minutes of every day engaging my intentions in what I call My First Ten, and have witnessed the manifestation of many items on my vision boards. My book, The Power of Food is one of them.

I created my first ever vision board about eleven years ago. It was based on my outdoor pursuits. Some of the intentions I expressed included rock climbing in Squamish (where I now live), a Delica family vehicle for adventure camping (we own one now) and also heli-skiing, as you can see on the top right. Recently I had the pleasure of manifesting this long time intention: heli-skiing.

Adam’s Early Vision Board

I’ve wanted to go heli-skiing since 2001, when I moved to Golden, BC, Canada, and started skiing. Eleven years ago I added this picture to my vision board and have been visualizing it into reality ever since. In March, 2013 I finally manifested this intention and have the video proof to share with you.

This video shows that any intention can become a reality. You may be thinking, “Sure, Adam, it’s possible if you have the $10,000 to spend.” Not so.

As it turns out, my heli trip was offered to me by a good friend in the heli-skiing industry. He wanted for me to know how he spends his days. In return I shared my Power of Food knowledge and helped prepare some meals in the lodge kitchen. Not a bad exchange, don’t you think? And the view from the hot tub is hard to beat.

My friend Dave showing off the view from the hot tub

Order or pick up a copy of The Power of Food and you can read about the 12 How-To Action Steps for living each day abundantly happy and healthy. I’ll show you how to manifest all your intentions and how to have fun doing it!

Do you have an intention you manifested and would like to share below? I would love to hear all about it!

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