Power of Food Pregnancy! First Ultrasound – Are Ultrasounds Safe?

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Things have really been picking up here at Power of Food.  Suzie is now in her 19th week and the baby is starting to play a bigger role in our lives, especially in Suzie’s.

We got back from the Doctor and the first ultrasound of the baby.  Even though it’s a grainy black and white image, and the nurse had to point out what every little blip and smudge signified, it became really obvious that those were little human body parts showing up on the screen, and it began to sink in how this little life is developing inside Suzie, completely dependent on what she puts into her body.  It has heightened the purpose of Power of Food so immensely.  Having a vibrant little life completely dependent on the nutrients from Suzie, growing based on what we feed ourselves, well you can see where I am going with this.  It’s a whole “next level” of consciousness about food, health, and a desire to be healthy, especially for Suzie and the baby.  I’m sure the dads out there can relate to this instinct that takes over.

The consciousness does not only relate to what Suzie is putting into her body, but also what types of contraptions are going around her, especially the ultrasound.  There has been some controversy about whether or not an ultrasound is healthy for the mother and baby.

Both Suzie and I were concerned that this procedure, being several decades old, might be doing more harm to the baby than it is worth compared to the new technology that is out there.  So I decided to do a bit of research that I will share with you.

Ultrasounds aren’t far off from what their name implies.  It is basically a high-pitched sonar device, sending out thousands of sonic waves per second.  When it is placed against the skin those waves travel through the tissue until it hits something solid, and the “whiteness”on the ultrasound image is in effect a density meter of how dense the matter is that the wave is traveling through.  This is why you see  a baby’s body outlined inside a belly… the tissue and bone in a baby is much more dense than the plasma and fat cells in the Mother’s surrounding belly.

So the big question is… does it do any harm?

The main side effects were that some tiny bubbles can form in the tissue, yet the process did not reveal any permanent damage (1).  One study revealed that the rate of left-handed boys was higher where the mothers had regular ultrasounds (2).  While this may seem trivial, the article goes on to state that left-handedness is linked to learning disabilities, even autism and epilepsy.  However, it is important to note that these studies have been proven to be “inconclusive” and thus are not statistically significant (not even 1 in 100,000)  to make a proper decision either way.

Since the negative side effects were found to be so inconclusive, and at the recommendation of the family doctor, Suzie and I decided that an ultrasound was a safe bet for her and the baby.  Not only is it great to see what’s been kicking around inside Suzie for the past few months, but the benefits of the doctor ensuring a healthy pregnancy and that everything is going along to plan is definitely worth it.

While there are health risks involved with an ultrasound, we felt that they were not significant enough to avoid the procedure, which is little more than low-frequency vibrations.  Furthermore, the benefits far outweigh the risks by the fact that the doctor might be able to mitigate any complications by getting a view.

I hope this information was helpful to making choices regarding a healthy pregnancy.  Please get in touch below with any further questions or comments related to this post or the Power of Food!

Suzie's first ultrasound


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