Top 6 Performance-Enhancing Foods for Men

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Pharmaceutical companies and supplement manufacturers love to sell us guys on promises of helping to ramp up our manliness, especially in the bedroom. Is the ability to buy some extra potency and stamina in a tidy little pill really the answer? Is it not possible to get things going just by eating the right kinds of foods?

What’s the down side of popping those bedroom pills? For one, they are often expensive, highly processed and poorly monitored. You may not be getting exactly what is promised on the label, and the effects may not be as advertised. Performance-enhancing drugs like steroids and viagra have seriously undesirable side-effects.

Fortunately, researchers are delivering more and more hard evidence that we can super-charge our vitality, endurance and virility naturally, through living, plant-based food.

Without further ado, here are my Top 6 Performance Enhancing Manly Foods:

1. Chia seeds

Boost your stamina and vitality

One of my favourite foods, Chia seeds are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which stabilize your mood and aid concentration. They’re also full of fibre and protein, to give you a long-lasting, all day energy boost.

2. Quinoa

Keep your energy up all day long

Quinoa is a great source of zinc, which is essential for tissue repair, testosterone production, fertility, potency and prostate health. Quinoa is a slow release, high energy grain, so it will keep you awake long enough to spend some special time with your partner before bed.

3. Asparagus

Get your blood pumping

Chock full of folate and protodioscin, asparagus is the perfect snack for date night. Folate increases histamine levels, improving performance in the bedroom. Protodioscin increases arousal and combats erectile dysfunction in some men.

4. Avocado

The testicle tree?

I’m not making this up: the word “avocado” is derived from the Aztec word for testicle – ahuácatl. In addition to reminding the Aztecs of testicles because they grow in pairs, they are coincidentally also a great source of folate, anti-oxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids, making them a fantastic food for men’s sexual health.

5. Chili Peppers

Spice it up on the plate and in the bedroom

Peppers are full of capsaicin, which enhances endorphin production, nourishing your amorous feelings. Capsaicin also increases blood flow, helping to make sure you have as much as you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

6. Watermelon

Improve your performance

Watermelons are a top notch source of L-Arginine, an amino acid that your body uses to build protein. It enhances muscle relaxation, speeds wound healing, increases memory and enhances blood flow to your vital organs, which is good news for both cardiovascular and sexual health.

Take action: boost your manliness without a trip to the pharmacy

While these amazing plant based foods will support your overall health, nothing you eat will give you the immediate rush of manly hormones you can get from intense physical exercise.

Get a quick fix right now. Whether it’s running, biking, push-ups or jumping jacks, do it flat out, as hard as you can for as long as you can. Even if you can only stand a few minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise, your body will respond by producing buckets of testosterone, boosting your energy, libido, immune system functioning, protein synthesis and tissue repair.

Do you know of another manly food you would like to share? Let me know below in the comment section!

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