Top 5 Winter Superfoods!

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As the days get darker and colder, the options to buy local foods diminish quickly.  Yet that does not mean that you cannot get food directly from your local farmer that is full of nutrition and good for the environment.

I am writing this post from beautiful Squamish, BC, Canada, so the foods available here will differ if you live at another latitude.  But most of these foods can be found in a wide range of climates, so check to see if you have any local sources similar to what is found here in BC.

Regardless of where you live, I encourage you to get in touch with your local farm association or Co-Op to find the best foods around for your benefit.

Without further ado, here is the list:

Apples:  Apples can last well into the new year in the right climate.  Here in BC we are blessed with a wide variety of apples, from Red Delicious to Gala and many others.  Apples can reduce cholesterol in your body due to the high soluble fibre content.  The fibre is also good for a whole host of other benefits, from increasing nutrient absorption during digestion to keeping everything regular.

Blueberries: OK, this is cheating a bit, because blueberries are a summer fruit.  But if you store all those scrumptious berries in the freezer, they actually retain a great deal of nutritional content while frozen.  The number 1 benefit of blueberries is the antioxidants.  This will boost your immune system for the season most prone to sickness.   Blueberries also help to detox your liver, something very good for you especially during the holidays!

Kale: One of the best foods around bar none.  Kale grows nearly year round, and thankfully so!  You can do so much with Kale – you can make a salad, you can make Kale Chips, or just eat it fresh!

The health benefits are numerous, but I’ll give the top 3 – It’s an anti-inflammatory, it detoxifies the body, and is full of vitamins – especially vitamins A and K.  In short, Kale ROCKS!  The fact that it is available fresh from the farm in winter makes it that much better to have around.

Potatoes: The potatoes found in nearby Pemberton are world famous for their taste and versatility, so much so that it is illegal to plant outside potatoes in the valley!  But potatoes grow nearly everywhere in temperate climates, and the health benefits are huge.  Potatoes have received a bad rep in the past due to their excessive carbs, but in reality, the amount of other nutrients provides a heap of benefits as long as it is consumed in moderation.  They include Vitamin C, Potassium, and even fibre.  The fresher the better; try to avoid frozen potatoes at all costs.  You shouldn’t have a need to buy frozen potatoes as they grow year round.

Red Cabbage: This low-fat treat does wonders inside your body.  It is rich in vitamin C (anti-oxidant), Vitamin A (good for eyes and skin), and Vitamin E (immune booster and cell reproduction agent).  Studies have even shown that it can reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s!   Many people dislike cabbage, but that is probably because they have not made a recipe that works well with it.  I find a good sweet fruit such as apples or pears can make a good sweet/sour contrast.  Stay tuned for some winter recipes that involve red cabbage.

So that’s the list, from here in Squamish BC.  I’d love to hear some of the great superfoods found this winter in your neck of the woods!  Please comment below to share your favourite winter superfood!

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  1. Duy Nguyễn says:

    Hi Adam,

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I’m finding your work and knowledge very helpful, thanks for sharing.
    Regarding this particular post, since I’m not originally from Canada, it is rather a pain to go through winter here and fending off the cold and low energy level. I’ll definitely try these out and if you could expand on the topic, that’d be great.

    • Hey Duy

      Thanks for your message. Feel free to email me any specific questions you have and I will be sure to answer them for you. Thanks for taking the time to connect!

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