Top 5 Healthy Products at the Grocery Store

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Almost daily I find myself exploring the grocery store. Some people love to go antique hunting and others head off every weekend to spend the day at garage sales. Me, I love hanging out in grocery stores. It doesn’t really matter what type of grocery store – as long as it sells food, I am in heaven.


I love to search for the little nuggets of health often found hiding way up high or stuck in the bottom corner of a shelf. Its almost like treasure hunting. Whenever I find something new that is healthy, I am stoked to give it a try and share it with you!

That is why today I am happy to let you know about my Top 5 Healthy Food Products that are great for the entire family. Many of these are already hiding at your local grocery store.

Ready? Here we go.

1: Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Ooooh, am I excited to share this company with you. Do you like ice cream? Of course you do. Do you still eat it? Maybe, but maybe not. Well for all you animal lovers, lactose intolerance sufferers or guilt-ridden dessert eaters, do I have an ice cream for you!

Let me introduce you to the best non-dairy ice cream you will ever try (except for my very own Honey Almond Ice Cream, of course), created by Luna and Larry Kaplowitz. Not only free of dairy, Coconut Bliss is gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free and won’t spike your blood sugar like regular ice cream.

With over a dozen flavours to try, you are sure to find one that suits your taste buds. My personal favourites are Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge and the newest addition Chocolate Walnut Brownie. Noticing a trend with my flavour choices? Too good! Check out Luna & Larry’s website to find a location near you.

Introducing Luna + Larry

Introducing Luna + Larry

2: Nature’s Path

Although Nature’s Path offers many options that I still put under the category of processed food, where they stand out is in their commitment to providing you and your family with all organic ingredients.

Not only is it all organic, but each product is processed without synthetic chemical sweeteners or toxic preservatives. This is something to celebrate! Compared to the other 100 choices you have when you walk through the cereal isle, Nature’s Path deftly avoids the nasty chemical-based ingredients you do not want to be feeding your children.

Started by Arran Stephens in 1985 with his wife and four children, Nature’s Path is a fantastic example of an ethical family company that has remained true to its roots without selling out to larger corporate interests. Look for their cereals, breads, toaster pastries, waffles and granola bars the next time you go shopping.

Check out their website – it’s full of amazing information, and great recipes too!


The Stephens family – founders of Nature’s Path

3: Bob’s Red Mill

Bob Moore has become a real food celebrity over the years. I was recently at a food convention in California where I saw a long lineup of people awaiting to have their picture taken with Bob. You know you’re doing something right if people wait in line to get a chance to meet you.

So what’s Bob up to? His Red Mill line of flours, breakfast grains and granolas are sourced with top quality ingredients in mind, with loads of gluten-free options. Organic ingredients are available whenever possible. With so many products offered, your baking needs are well looked after. Check out their website to see what you might like, or just to meet Bob and the Red Mill gang. They are there to serve you!


Bob’s Red Mill

4: GT’s Kombucha

You just gotta love kombucha!  Never heard of it? Well, my friends, let me tell you a little about kombucha and why I recommend giving it a try.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is often infused with fruits and herbs to produce limitless flavours. With it’s multiple species of yeast and bacteria along with active enzymes, amino acids and polyphenols, kombucha has long been touted as a fantastic immune boosting elixir.

Puchasing kombucha from a reputable company with strict production procedures ensures you get the best quality kombucha in the safest form possible. GT’s Kombucha has a fantastic reputation and is the biggest commercial producer of kombucha beverages in North America.

If you are a into energy drinks like Rock Star or Red Bull, or even if you enjoy your Cocoa Cola or Pespi, give GT Kombucha a try. Not only is it fizzy like pop, but it will also give you energy without a heavy dose of unwanted chemicals and sugar.

It is important to note that kombucha is a probiotic (a healthy bacterium). Although it has plenty of health benefits, it may cause upset stomach (bloating or gas), particularly for children and the elderly. There is also a very small amount of alcohol from the fermenting process. Usually in the range of 0.5-1%, which is not typically a cause for concern. With the well documented health benefits of kombucha, it is a great addition to your daily routine.


GT’s Kombucha Tea

5: Daiya Cheese

Do you like cheese? In our family cheese was a main staple food consumed daily. Havarti, cheddar, swiss or gouda, it didn’t matter. If it was cheese, our family loved it!

That was until I discovered the negative impact our dairy-heavy diet was having on my health. Having suffered from weight issues, constant mucus, inflamed bowels, asthma and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, I have reversed all these ailments, partly due to greatly reducing my dairy consumption. In our family we now have an occasional piece of cheese – or even an ice cream if the grandparents buy it for my daughter (when I’m not around).

If you’re not ready to give up your cheese, you don’t have to. Being mindful of how you are feeling and knowing there are alternatives available is a great first step. That is whey I am happy to introduce you to Daiya. Daiya is a great non-dairy cheese that actually melts like cheese and tastes great. It is gluten-free, soy-free and devoid of the heavy sugars and salts often found in dairy products. Plus Daiya offers pizzas and cream cheese! Check out Daiya’s website for all the details.

A couple of Daiya's non-dairy cheese products.

A couple of Daiya’s non-dairy cheese products.

Talk to your local grocer! Your dollars count.

Your purchases influence the products your grocery store is going to carry. Ever heard the phrase “vote with your dollars”? Every dollar counts. Just by choosing to buy healthy products, you’re sending a powerful message.

If your local grocery store doesn’t carry one of the items above, let them know you want it and they should order it for you. Otherwise, check out the website if you want to give a product a try. Find their phone number and give them a call. Let them know where you live and that you want your local grocery store to carry it.

Taking just a few minutes to make a few calls may turn your local grocery store into the only place you need to shop for all your healthy eating needs. On the other hand, if you are like me, you may still want to stop at a few more spots, because hunting for healthy products is a lot of fun!

What super healthy products do you just love at your grocery store? Tell me about it below and together we will spread the goodness!

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