The gift that keeps on giving. It’s an odd one

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Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift to share with a loved one this Christmas? Funny how all the overstocked windows at the shopping mall, stuffed with endless trinkets to stack under the Christmas tree, don’t even come close to the value of the gift I’m talking about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting material gifts such as a replica Star Wars Tie Fighter (the black one, hint, hint) or a box of gluten free shortbread cookies (yum, yum), but this year, I am giving my family a different sort of gift. This is a gift that requires no money down and no pretty wrapping to keep it’s contents hidden, but yet is full of surprises.

How can something this good be so secret? Well, the truth it, this gift is not a secret at all. It’s actually something you have to give every moment of every day and if used wisely, has the power to wield some very powerful magic. Figured out what it is yet?

It’s clear, often comes with an odour and makes you blink if directed towards the eyes. Got it now?

Thought so….


Wait a minute Adam, you mean to tell me for Christmas your gifting your breath to your loved ones?

Yes, it’s true. This holiday season I am going to be giving my family the gift of breath.

You see, far too often, this time of year, I let my stress run the show as I make sure all the food is prepped, presents are wrapped, family and friends are happy and the kids are feeling well. This usually puts me in a state on anxiety, a state where I am not always fun to be around. If you have ever suffered from holiday stress overload, you know what I am talking about, right? I’m not alone on this one….am I? I know I’m not, but just to be sure, let me know in the comments below what causes you the most stress during the holidays and what you’re going to do different about it this year.

That is why, this year I am going to gift my family a calmer, happier, more in control daddy, husband, brother, grandson and friend who has already begun practicing using his holiday breathing technique to ensure once December 25 rolls around, my gift is already unwrapped and being put to good use.

I’m not telling you something new when I say, the holidays can be a serious cause of unnecessary stress. It is critical to have a tool to help mitigate the impact this stress may be having on you ability to enjoy the holidays and here is tool you can use:

Holiday Stress Breathing Technique

Step 1: Use a physical cue to connect to your stress when it is high

  • Place a sticker on the packages of food you reach for when stressed (I like to put a LOVE sticker on bags of cookies or boxes of cereal as a reminder to STOP, notice how I am feeling and then BREATHE before taking my next action. I am still able to choose the bad stuff, but because I stopped to breathe, most often than not, I just walk away after – POWERFUL)

Step 2: Notice how you are FEELING when your stress levels rise

  • In this moment you have the power if you use your physical cue to STOP and notice. You then have a choice of two options, one is going to serve you and the other will not.
  • To access this choice, you now need to breathe

Step 2: STOP, take a long deep breath in and slowly release it

  • Now that you have stopped your stress in it’s tracks, it is time to take a long deep breath in (3-5 seconds) and release it out as slowly as you can.
  • This works great when the kids are driving you bonkers. Just STOP before reacting. Close your eyes for added special effects on then kids. They’ll have no ida what’s going on and when you are done and are smiling while feeling calm and in control, they really won’t know who you are. It’s a powerful practice dad’s!

Step 3: Now notice how you feel before moving on with your next action.

  • Before you carry on with what you are about to do, just stop and notice how this breath made you feel. Most likely you are feeling lighter, less tense and more clear in thought. I’m not going to lie fellas, this practice also helps get you more action in the bedroom. It turns out, the ladies seem to like a calmer, happier guy then a crazed out chip junky. Agree ladies?

Step 4: Smile as big as you can and celebrate this awesome act of LOVE for yourself and your family

  • And here is the capper of the technique, a smile. This is a PROUD smile fro ear to ear knowing you did it and have now deeply engrained internally that there is no space for stress to live in your world. Only light lives here.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 as needed to keep your holiday stress at bay

Not only is this tool great for making you a calmer and happier person to be around, but if used just before consuming that next sugary dessert, it has the power to stop your next move in it’s tracks. This leads to some powerful results such as packing on less weight over the holidays and feeling lighter and more in control over your health.

Give it a try and give me a comment below on how this worked for you during the holidays

Remember… there is no darkness that can withstand a connected breath! 

Happy Holidays!


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