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Friday, January 07, 2011

Squamish Reporter – The Book of Adam


Local health coach Adam Hart’s new book is called E3 for Life: 3 Elements for Attaining Abundant Health and Happiness with Ease.

It could easily have been called Before & After: Adam Hart’s Quest for Healthy Eating & Living. For it’s as much a guide to healthy eating and living as it’s a personal parable for what can go wrong if we blind outselves to what we put in out mouth.

Hart was born in Toronto, where he grew up on a steady diet of processed and junk food. The reigning ethos of the baby boomer generation was to consider fast food as a novelty and his parents were no different; fast and processed food slowly took over as the staple food in his home.

,“As kids, we were told that if we behaved well, we’d get a treat at McDonald’s,” Hart says, summing up that social milieu in one sentence.

Sedentary life style, treats in McDonald’s and frozen Swanson dinners: all closed ranks to punish his body and mind. By 26, he was 40 pounds overweight, diagnosed as prediabetic, and suffering from ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder).

Hart felt unhealthy and stressed out and he wanted to turn a new chapter in his life. He moved to British Columbia, first to Golden and then to Squamish.

And here he is now at 38, sitting at the Zephyr Cafe (a place closely aligned to his values), ruddy and glowing with health, and brimming with knowledge on healthy eating, a far cry from the rotund, pizza-gobbling Adam that can be seen on some pages of this book.

So, what changed and how ? That, in essence, is the take-away from this book.

There is a glut of books on healthy eating and living, but Hart says his book is practical in that it doesn’t dabble in any lose-weight-quick schemes.

Rather, it gently prods the readers to replace unhealthy food with healthy plant-based foods.

“I don’t suggest any restriction on diet. It’s really about slowly replacing processed foods with high-energy food,” he says,”

One such food, he says, is hemp seeds. Nutty and delicious, he suggests that it be sprinkled into every meal of the day.

“It has a lot of protein, it’s easier for digestion, it keeps your energy high throughout the day and it leads to less craving,” he says.

In the pantheon of great food, he places hemp seeds side by side with ground flax seeds and Quinoa.

“Once you introduce plants based food into your diet, you will feel energetic and healthy. If there’s one simple thing that you could do, it’s this: realise the difference between plant based food and processed food,” he says.

Once that’s done, you can flip to page 67, where Hart begins to provide readers with recipes that incorporate the plant based foods he so strongly believes in.

From Yummy Yummy Yam Fries to Coconut Quinoa Curry, there’s a lot more recipes and some practical advice in the book if you are determined to push yourself slowly from Pizza to Quinoa, from Mac to flax.

E3 for Life is available at Zephyr Cafe, Kitchen Quickies, and at The Squamish Bookshelf.


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Adam Hart is the bestselling author of The Power of Food. When not on stage speaking, Adam can be found helping one of his many corporate clients in awakening an abundance of energy through his highly engaging stress management solutions.Contact Adam to book a demo for an enhanced corporate wellness experience.

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