That’s an Amazing Raw Strawberry Cheesecake!

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Wow, I just made my “That’s an Amazing Raw Strawberry Cheesecake” and is it ever good! If you want to eat a dessert that makes you feel fantastic and won’t leave you feeling guilty, this is it. Enjoy this creamy, smooth, delectable treat while boosting your health at the same time. That is so cool!


(Makes one large cheesecake)
2 cups cashews
2 cups pitted dates – chopped
2 tblsp pure maple syrup
½ tsp Himalayan crystal salt
1 cup almonds
1 cup fresh strawberries
½ cup water
2 tblsp natural cocoa powder

How to Prepare

Crust: Soak you dates in water for 1 hour. Soak your cashews in water for 1 hour and then discard the water. Grind your almonds in a coffee grinder (not used for coffee). Remove the dates from the water, but keep the water aside for later. Place your dates into a food processor with the cocoa powder and blend together. Add a little of the date water as you blend to be sure to create a paste. You don’t want it too moist. In a mixing bowl place your date paste and mix in your ground almonds until batter is formed. Spread the batter into a pie dish.

Topping: In a blender, place your soaked cashews, no water, and blend. Add into the blender ¼ cup of the date water, maple syrup, strawberries and salt. Blend until smooth. Add more date water to reach a smooth texture, but not to runny. Place mixture over top of pie crust and top with extra strawberries and almonds. Place in your refrigerator for 2 hours and serve.

Recipe Tip

You can make any variety of cheesecake just by changing the fruit you add such as banana, apple, peach or blueberry. It’s your choice. You can even change the crust by replacing the almonds with pecans or another of your favorite nut or seed.

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