Ta-Da! Magic Macaroons

Sometimes we just want something sweet. Unfortunately we tend to make poor choices when our sweet tooth comes calling. To prevent yourself from hitting the candy machine next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, plan ahead! Bake a batch of my Magic Macaroons! They are easy to make and will … [Read more...]

Raw Raw Brownies Recipe – Video

Hi everyone! I had a great time appearing on 'go! Sea to Sky'. Check out the video and see how easy  it is to make no-bake brownies using raw ingredients such as dates, almond butter, cacao powder and Ra Energy. These delicious, no-bake brownies are great for dessert or as a post work-out … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Coconut Water?

As you probably know by now - I like to spend a lot of time exercising outdoors, particularly climbing things. Like any of us who enjoy a good sweat, a cold drink is in order after a great workout. Water is always the right answer but I wanted touch on another favourite of mine - coconut … [Read more...]

Vancouver Grocery Store Tour

First 12 people to register at Nesters in Vancouver or email me at info@poweroffood.com will secure their spot to join this tour. During this complimentary tour you will discover how to:Eliminate Sugar cravingsAvoid mid-afternoon crashesFeel great & look fantasticYour Tour also includes:10% … [Read more...]