What’s In Your Coconut Water?

As you probably know by now - I like to spend a lot of time exercising outdoors, particularly climbing things. Like any of us who enjoy a good sweat, a cold drink is in order after a great workout. Water is always the right answer but I wanted touch on another favourite of mine - coconut … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Red Bull and other energy drinks

We've all done it. Needing a burst of energy, we are reminded of the adrenaline sports junkies on TV and in the magazines pushing themselves to the limit - all because they have "wings" - caffiene and sugar propelled energy that gives them an extra boost. But does it, really? Have a watch … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Gluten Free Snacks

Do you rely on gluten free snacks to get you through your day? Every one of us has an allergy to gluten. It helps create inflammation in our body, and it's a great idea to avoid it - as hard as that can be. Part of the power tips series, take a look at what the gluten-free products in … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power tips – Cucumber

I've heard a lot of people that consider cucumber a "healthy" option. But do you know why? Watch this video and hear what I've gotta say about it! Let me know what you think! … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Coconut Water

Have you been looking for things to get from the grocery store that are healthier than your average soft drink? The reality is that we are so inundated with marketing messages from all sorts of companies telling us that such and such product is "the next big thing". I'd like to share with you … [Read more...]