Mushroom Almond Stuffing & Heart-Healthy Gravy

Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, but if you are living a gluten-free life, there are some traditional dishes that you'll have to avoid. The good news is there are gluten-free options when it comes to some of your Thanksgiving favourites. So whether you are making a completely gluten-free spread … [Read more...]

Is Gluten Bad for You?

Gluten and gluten-free diets have gotten a lot of well-deserved attention in recent years, but many people still don’t know what gluten it is or how eliminating it can help them. Because it’s such a hot topic, there’s a lot of information out there, but there’s also some misinformation. I’m going … [Read more...]

Want Something? Use Intention To Get It!

In my book, The Power of Food, I share the 12 How-To Action Steps for achieving abundant health and happiness. In addition to being in nature and getting proper nutrition, a key action step I discuss in my new book involves using the power of intention. I can't stress enough the importance of … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Gluten Free Snacks

Do you rely on gluten free snacks to get you through your day? Every one of us has an allergy to gluten. It helps create inflammation in our body, and it's a great idea to avoid it - as hard as that can be. Part of the power tips series, take a look at what the gluten-free products in … [Read more...]