Produce News Canada Article – In the Media

I recently spoke at Today’s Trends in Fresh Eating business panel at CPMA Convention and Trade Show in Vancouver. The focus was on our 'quest for more energy' and how this naturally shifts our focus to learning more about what we eat, the way we eat and where we source our food from. Check out the … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Coconut Water?

As you probably know by now - I like to spend a lot of time exercising outdoors, particularly climbing things. Like any of us who enjoy a good sweat, a cold drink is in order after a great workout. Water is always the right answer but I wanted touch on another favourite of mine - coconut … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Red Bull and other energy drinks

We've all done it. Needing a burst of energy, we are reminded of the adrenaline sports junkies on TV and in the magazines pushing themselves to the limit - all because they have "wings" - caffiene and sugar propelled energy that gives them an extra boost. But does it, really? Have a watch … [Read more...]

Easy Energy Snacks Cooking Class

All the info for this class can be found here. … [Read more...]

Back to School Milkshake

It's hard to believe that it is already September!  Always an exciting time of year, the month of September signifies change in our routine, as we transition from the dog days of summer to the always busy holiday season. If you have kids (of any age), it also marks the return of the school … [Read more...]