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According to a recent Harvard health publication, researchers ranked depression as the most costly workplace health condition

Mental illness, in the forms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD have become a quiet epidemic across the North American workforce and costs employers billions of dollars annually.

Most employers want to support their employees but just don't know how...

I am here to offer you a fresh approach to mental wellness in your workplace that is easy to implement. (30 of 37)

A fresh approach to mental wellness in the workplace

Available as monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly LIVE wellness training sessions open to all employees to attend, participants will learn the necessary skills and tools to positively impact their personal mental health and wellbeing immediately following each session.

These 60-minute LIVE trainings are designed to be entertaining while delivering valuable life skills focused on minimizing the impact of daily stress on your employees lives.

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4 Live Trainings



LIVE, 60 minute training session every 3 months

Enhance daily nutrition for mental clarity & stronger team collaboration

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6 Live Trainings



LIVE, 60 minute training session every 2 months

An easy to implement initiative your entire organization will love

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12 Live Trainings



LIVE, 60 minute training sessions every month for a full year

Overcome workplace stress with life tools for any situation 

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You immediately captured the attention of everyone in the room with your enthusiastic speech on the connection to mental health and food.  Your personal story and encouraging words motivated us to think more about the link between the mind and body. Your energy is contagious!”

mentalhealth– Leanne MacLeod, Canadian Mental Health Association


“Adam’s presentation to our staff […] was so informative, fun, energetic and positive. Everyone thought it was the best presentation our [Health and Wellness] Program has had in the past seven years”. 


UBClogo1– Linda Kompauer, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine

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