Smoothie Your Way to Better Health

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If I told you all you needed to eat in the morning was a smoothie no bigger then a 1/4 cup and you would have abundant energy all day, would you believe me?  The truth is many North Americans tend to consume all the wrong types of nutrients before they begin their day. Not only are our portions sizes too big, but we don’t tend to chew our food either. So now you walk out your door to begin your day and all your energy is going to digestion and most of the food you just ate has very little nutrients to be absorbed.

Ideally you would start each day with a 1/4 cup smoothie with hemp seeds, quinoa, rice milk, spinach, ground flax seeds and ground unhulled sesame seeds. Talk about a boost in nutrition. By consuming your breakfast in a smoothie form you are easily making the nutrients available for digestion leaving you with extra energy to go about your daily routine. If you are tired of the mid afternoon crashes, GET ON THE SMOOTHIES!

There is a video of me preparing my smoothie under the recipe section.

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