Dried Mango

99.9% of all commercial snacking options are void of essential nutrients and leave you feeling lethargic and unproductive. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make your own snacks that made you fee ALIVE? My dried mango recipe is one easy recipe that shows you how simple it is to make your own … [Read more...]

Scrumptious Chocolate Pudding

Do you automatically reach for the chocolate when you're having a bad day? Cacao - the plant chocolate is derived from - is one of nature's most powerful mood boosters, but there is a difference between store bought chocolate (even dark chocolate) and living chocolate. Did you know that raw … [Read more...]

Sprouted Quinoa Super Crackers!

Want to eat more protein in a healthy way? How about trying quinoa. Would like to know how I use quinoa in a healthy and delicious recipe? Check out my easy, high energy recipe for Sprouted Quinoa Crackers. You will love them! Video Recipe Want to learn how to make this and many more yummy, … [Read more...]

Super Smoothie!

Check out my Super Smoothie inspired by my good friend David Wolfe, he is very inspiring. I have a very solid nutrition base, but some of what David Wolfe has taught me is very exciting. I am looking forward to sharing some of my new superfoods as well as creative ways to use them to you in the very … [Read more...]

Guilt Free Chocolate Bar

Today, for the first time ever, I made my own chocolate bars. I am so excited about these chocolate bars that I wanted to share the recipe with you right away. Not only am I going to share the recipe with you, but I am also going to give you a behind the scenes look at where I source each ingredient … [Read more...]

Split Pea Soup

Do you often find yourself eating foods that don’t make you feel energized? What if I told you you could make your own high energy split pea soup in under 30 minutes, would you want to know the recipe? Wait no longer. The recipe for my “Split Pea Soup” is now yours. Enjoy the amazing health kick … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Quesadilla

Make dinner fun and delicious tonight!  This family friendly quesadilla recipe won't make you feel guilty and it tastes so good. Enjoy this recipe for lunch or dinner, it doesn't matter because the healthy ingredients will make you feel alive and energized when finished. The added bonus is that it … [Read more...]

Healthy Gluten Free Snacks for Summer Outings

Do you find it frustrating feeding your kids gluten free, healthy snacks when sending them off to summer camp, or going for a picnic? What if I told you, you could easily create a variety of healthy, gluten free snacks that would take you less then 5 minutes to prepare, would you want to know … [Read more...]