What to do with your leftover Pumpkin

What are you doing with your leftover pumpkin from Halloween? I plan to make a pie with mine. I will definitely be topping my pie with these amazing roasted pumpkin seeds that just came out of my oven. Oh yeah! Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 2 cups pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 teaspoon ground … [Read more...]

2 Ingredient Power Bar Recipe

I recently received a comment asking the following question; Can you give me some information about your 2 ingredient healthy power bar? My daughter is a student nurse and needs to give a presentation on healthy snacks. Many of these folks are diabetic, high blood pressure, etc. I love getting … [Read more...]

Quinoa Vanilla Pudding

One of the biggest questions I get at my speaking events is... "Adam, if I am not eating meat, where do I get my protein?" Do you often wonder where your protein comes from if you do not have a piece of meat on your plate? That was a big question I had many years ago. Thanks to foods like … [Read more...]

Goji Chia Jerky Recipe

I know what you may be thinking..... Did Adam really just say Goji Chia Jerky? What is that? This is my version of beef jerky for the manly man (or anyone else) who wants to enjoy a high protein snack while keeping it real! No meat, no gluten, dairy free, no fuss, just beautiful plant based … [Read more...]

Mango Parsley Sunset Salad

Well summer is almost here! Where I live the weather is definitely warming up and that is why I love making refreshing and delicious salads for dinner. Often I find a healthy salad that contains hemp seeds  is more than enough for dinner.  I want to share my  absolutely awesome recipe for Mango … [Read more...]

Adam’s BBQ Vegan Kale Ribs

I spent the day today in Vancouver sharing the Power of Food with another amazing corporate client of mine. I showed everyone how to make some amazing treats during their High Energy Snacks workshop. What a great group. On the way down I was snacking on my BBQ Vegan Kale Ribs. I was asked by many … [Read more...]

Energy Hiking Snacks

What 2 did I take with me? Do you often wonder what an ideal snack would be to boost your energy while on a hike? Check out the video to see which two amazing foods I brought on my weekend hike that had me feeling … [Read more...]

Back to School Milkshake

It's hard to believe that it is already September!  Always an exciting time of year, the month of September signifies change in our routine, as we transition from the dog days of summer to the always busy holiday season. If you have kids (of any age), it also marks the return of the school … [Read more...]

How to Sprout Quinoa with Ease

I am always happy to receive questions from my Power of Food fans. Here is a recent one about sprouting quinoa. My intention with sharing these questions is to make it easier for you to live each day abundantly happy and healthy through LOVE. Question Adam's Response Hello Liana Thank … [Read more...]

MOJO Trail Mix – Energy on the Go!

Scroll to the bottom to view the video! It's the age old dilemma - you are out and about getting things done like a busy bee, feel a mid - afternoon crash, and while filling up at the gas station you look for a quick boost of energy.  What do you do? Many of us (and up until 10 years ago, myself … [Read more...]