Mushroom Almond Stuffing & Heart-Healthy Gravy

Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, but if you are living a gluten-free life, there are some traditional dishes that you'll have to avoid. The good news is there are gluten-free options when it comes to some of your Thanksgiving favourites. So whether you are making a completely gluten-free spread … [Read more...]

Hempkin Pie (A.K.A Pumpkin Pie)

Looking for a healthy pumpkin pie recipe? Look no further! I pride myself on sharing with you only recipes that are healthy, tasty and EASY to make. This is one of those. Yes it is a more involved recipe of mine, but it is still easy to make. I would love to hear from you after you have … [Read more...]

Power Play Smoothie

Load up the van…it’s hockey season once again! Gone are the carefree days of summer, it’s time to get back on the ice. If you are a hockey parent then you know your schedule is about to get a whole lot busier. Between the early morning practices and the evening games, it’s important to make sure … [Read more...]

Healthy Anti-Aging Turmeric Crackers

If you haven't used turmeric yet, my Anti-Aging Turmeric Crackers are a great (and super-delicious) way to get started! These crackers are full of powerful and nutritious ingredients like carrots, chia seeds, turmeric and ginger. Oh yeah! I've started to cook more and more with this 'holy powder' … [Read more...]

Walnut Ginger Pesto

I  always love playing around in my kitchen creating fun and fresh sauce ideas. Having grown up on eating loads of ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce and mayonnaise, I am super excited to no longer be hooked on the addictive qualities of these sauces and now make my own. Here is a great pesto I made … [Read more...]

Cool Kids Blueberry Chips

Do you often find yourself walking through the grocery store looking for healthy snacks for your child? Yes, cheese strings and a granola bar are easy and convenient, but do they really provide your child with the right kinds of nutrients? This is a loaded question, but lets simplify it Power of … [Read more...]

Avocado Summer Salad

What a feeling it is when the sun is beating down on your face, filling your body with vitamin D. I love the summertime and this  avocado salad is a perfect compliment to a healthy summer day. This sweet tasting, mouth watering, healthy salad will provide your body with a boost of goodness and takes … [Read more...]

The Summer Refresher – Drink Recipe

There is nothing like a big icy glass of lemonade on a hot summer day! The only problem is most lemonades are chalked full of sugar - this is why I created The Summer Refresher. It delivers all that refreshing lemon flavour but without all the preservatives and sugar. It's easy to make and it will … [Read more...]

Fig Bites Recipe

Check out my delicious and energy-giving recipe for FIG BITES! Makes 12 bite size pieces Ingredients 1 cup dried black mission figs (extra antioxidants in black mission figs) ¼ cup hemp seeds ¼ cup almonds ½ teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon cacao powder pinch of sea salt How To … [Read more...]

Banana Flax Jacks

Bananas, whole grain flour, flax seeds and pure maple syrup are just what the doctor ordered to start your day. Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? what about struggling to stay awake at school or at the office? My “Banana Flax Jacks” are an amazing boost of energy and a great way … [Read more...]