How to Sprout Quinoa with Ease

I am always happy to receive questions from my Power of Food fans. Here is a recent one about sprouting quinoa. My intention with sharing these questions is to make it easier for you to live each day abundantly happy and healthy through LOVE. Question Adam's Response Hello Liana Thank … [Read more...]

Spring Quinoa Salad

Are you often wondering where you get your protein from? I grew up eating meat at every meal because my family believed that meat was the best source for protein. Does this sound familiar to you? If so read about one of the best sources of protein you can eat and a recipe on how to make a great … [Read more...]

Split Pea Soup

Do you often find yourself eating foods that don’t make you feel energized? What if I told you you could make your own high energy split pea soup in under 30 minutes, would you want to know the recipe? Wait no longer. The recipe for my “Split Pea Soup” is now yours. Enjoy the amazing health kick … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Quesadilla

Make dinner fun and delicious tonight!  This family friendly quesadilla recipe won't make you feel guilty and it tastes so good. Enjoy this recipe for lunch or dinner, it doesn't matter because the healthy ingredients will make you feel alive and energized when finished. The added bonus is that it … [Read more...]