Runner’s Recovery Bread

There's nothing like going for a good run to make you feel alive! It does, however, take a toll on the body, so nourishing yourself with living foods before, during and after the run is crucial to performance and recovery. Read about the 5 Foods Every Runner Should Eat, and then make this awesome … [Read more...]

Cheers to Your Eyesight Elixir

For the past 10 years I have been eating more and more plant-based foods. On a recent visit to my eye doctor, I was told my eyesight had improved substantially. Find out how much by reading my Top 5 Foods for Better Vision blog post. I attribute this to 5 key plant-based foods I have been eating … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Juicing

I've been juicing almost daily for 3 years now. I've got to say it: Wow! What a difference it's made. Not too long ago I was having trouble falling asleep at night, suffering from daily energy crashes and carrying an extra 40 pounds around my waist. For years I was confused about which healthy … [Read more...]

Vitamin C Juicy Juice

Do you remember being told by your parents as a child that it is important to eat foods that contain large amounts of Vitamin C? Why do you suppose that was? Do you think your parents knew why it was important? Do you think they know why today? Do you know why eating Vitamin C foods is crucial to … [Read more...]

Wake Up Juice

This morning I woke up and started my day with a fresh juice. Staying properly hydrated right from the moment you wake up is a sure way to avoid any unwanted internal inflammation and this juice is a great way to hydrate yourself. The portions below are for one tall glass. I highly recommend … [Read more...]

2 Ingredient Kids Snack!

The other day I was prepping some new recipes for my daughter Juliette when I put together this scrumptious 2 ingredient snack ideal for your kids or the kid in you.   Not only are these little treats super soft to chew, but they taste great and are full of healthy protein, good … [Read more...]

Quinoa Vanilla Pudding

One of the biggest questions I get at my speaking events is... "Adam, if I am not eating meat, where do I get my protein?" Do you often wonder where your protein comes from if you do not have a piece of meat on your plate? That was a big question I had many years ago. Thanks to foods like … [Read more...]

How to Sprout Quinoa with Ease

I am always happy to receive questions from my Power of Food fans. Here is a recent one about sprouting quinoa. My intention with sharing these questions is to make it easier for you to live each day abundantly happy and healthy through LOVE. Question Adam's Response Hello Liana Thank … [Read more...]

Rise and Shine Cereal

Why feed yourself commercial, over processed cereals that leave you starving for energy when you can try my “Rise & Shine” recipe? This recipe is so easy to prepare and taste fantastic that you will wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. Once you get the ingredients on hand you can start to boost … [Read more...]

Super Smoothie!

Check out my Super Smoothie inspired by my good friend David Wolfe, he is very inspiring. I have a very solid nutrition base, but some of what David Wolfe has taught me is very exciting. I am looking forward to sharing some of my new superfoods as well as creative ways to use them to you in the very … [Read more...]