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Things have been moving along beautifully in Suzie’s pregnancy.

Her belly has been stretching bigger and bigger every few days to make room for our new family member.

Suzie is really starting to embrace her motherly instincts and I am so excited to watch this beautiful transformation unfold.

As many of you know, I have been bringing in my Power of Food knowledge to help enhance our ability to raise a healthy baby even before birth. This includes a few recent blog posts on Natural Remedies for Avoiding Morning Sickness & Are Ultrasounds Safe?

As Suzie belly continues to grow everyday, I decided to come up with an all natural belly rub for her to apply to her skin. Over the years we have both become concerned with the amount of chemicals we ingest through the food we eat as well as through our skin thanks to all the body care products on the market. Many of these products are not healthy at all and only cause unnecessary internal damage. Knowing that the biggest organ we have is our skin, I immediately thought of what healthy ingredients I would like to see Suzie’s skin absorbing while trying to avoid stretch marks and sooth the comfort of her expanding belly.

I came up with a special recipe for Suzie that is based on all natural, organic, plant based ingredients as well as a lot of love. Here are the ingredients:

2 tablespoons Cacao Butter
2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
1 tablespoons Almond Oil
1 tablespoons Hemp Oil
2 tablespoons Shea Butter
& Lots of LOVE

I added all the ingredients into a bowl and melted it all together in my dehydrator at the lowest temp. I then placed the melted butter into a glass container with a lid over it, placed it in my fridge and 2 hours later it was ready to go. It will then keep for several weeks outside of your fridge. Suzie likes to keep it beside the bed to use it every night. It is a very special way for us to end the day together. It makes me very happy to help applying it to Suzie’s belly knowing it is also nourishing the love connection we have together, the 3 of us.

Suzie using her belly rub

Suzie using her belly rub

There are a lot of products on the market that boast they are the best and charge a lot of money for it.  Is it really worth all the money to buy a processed, artificial chemical compound that will just seep into your skin and eventually your bloodstream that you will share with your baby?

That is what led me to developing this belly rub for Suzie and it’s too easy not to give it a try. Plus, it is affordable.

So feel free to give it a try and please give feedback on how it worked/felt for you.  You can always send me comments at info at poweroffood.com, or leave a comment below so that we may start a discussion on the best natural belly rubs out there.

p.s. it also makes a great massage oil for when working on your next little bambino 🙂

Have an abundantly happy & healthy day!


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  1. Kirstin French says:

    Hey Adam, Congratulations to you and Suzie and thanks for the great information.  I own a little soap business in Squamish and want to let you and your readers know that I make a Belly Balm that is made with all natural ingredients including beeswax, nutrient rich vegetable oils, essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy and vitamin E.  My business is Be Clean Naturally Soap Products and you can find me at the Squamish Farmer’s Market every second Saturday.  Thanks again for your amazing contribution to our community.

    • Hi Kristin

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the kind words. I am interested in learning more about your belly balm. What type of vegetable oils do you use?

      I will look for you at the market this Sat and hope to chat with you a bit.


  2. Hi Adam,

    Would it work also as a daily moisturizing cream?

    Would you have any recipe for that?


    • Adam Hart says:

      Hello Mehdi

      This is a perfect recipe to use as a daily moisturizing cream. I actually have been using just organic coconut oil as my skin cream and sunscreen for the past few months. It actually has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 20. What a great way to get away from all the chemicals in commercial skin products.


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