Past Client Update

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Past Client Update


A few weeks ago I shared with you a little about one of my Power of Food Coachingclients, Jo-Anne.

Recently Jo-Anne finished 3 months of Power of Food Coaching with me personally and I am happy to let you know….


Here is her recent email she sent me and has offered it to you to share in the energy.


The time you and I spent together did definitely provide me with a solid foundation to begin creating my own particular world.

I’m continuing to read and collect books and information to expand my knowledge, still trying to identify those foods that are best suited to my own body but all will come into place in time.  I have resumed practicing Reiki – I had received my Level 1 way back in 2009 but I can see now – that the present time is its time.

I’ve incorporated this practice into my Sacred Space (this is Jo-Anne’s name for her intention room featured in my book e3 For LIFE under “My First Ten”), which is definitely becoming more of a habit and time that I look forward to each day. Expanding it now to a regular evening practice as well.

I’m still on the path of becoming vegetarian. As I learn more it is feeling more natural to me and for me.  I feel a sense of calm and confidence growing within me and the space around me which is such a positive experience and such great assistance for me in my day to day life.

Tonight’s dinner is glazed root vegetables with wild and brown rice pilaf.  And I’ve a plate of sprouted buckwheat on standby to make some grawnola.

So, all is well in my world – thank you so much once again for your coaching.  I will have to see what’s new now on your webpage and facebook – I’m a little behind there!  take care Adam and I look forward to hearing from you soon,  Jo-Anne

Thank you Jo-Anne for allowing me to coach you and share in your amazing energy!

If you would like to find out about my Power of Food Coaching…click here.


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