Power of Food Pregnancy – Avoiding Morning Sickness

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Our little guy keeps on getting bigger and bigger!  Suzie is now in her 21st week.  It seems as if every week things seem to become more exciting and energized, like the idea of changing dirty diapers….no not really. I am excited with all the amazing things I will be able to share with my newborn child such as our garden and eating amazing food. But, There was a time not too long ago my beautiful Mother to-be wasn’t having so much fun.  For a while during her first trimester Suzie was suffering with nausea – AKA morning sickness.

Now I don’t want to start an angry mob of females, but I should add from a male perspective that this time in a pregnancy is very hard on the men, too.  It isn’t easy seeing someone you love feeling so bad all the time.  Especially since Suzie is such a healthy, active young woman that is usually fit as a fiddle.

The scientific term is nausea gravidarum, but basically morning sickness is characterized by the excessive urge to vomit early in the morning, a feeling that alleviates as the day progresses.  There are several key components that cause morning sickness:

  • Increased estrogen levels in the expecting mother’s system.  Estrogen can increase up to 100 times of non-pregnancy levels, and for first-time mothers especially, this can be a shock to the system.
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) due to the placenta draining energy from the rest of the mother’s body.
  • Increased levels of Progesterone – an active hormone created during pregnancy.  This hormone relaxes the uterus and surrounding organs, including the stomach and intestines.  When the stomach/intestines are in a relaxed state, they are more apt to be disturbed than in a normal state.
  • Increased sensitivity to odors, which will trigger nausea more easily.

I have found one product to be very beneficial during the first trimester that helped Suzie with her morning sickness. This product is called E3 live. Not to be mistaken for my book e3 For LIFE, e3 Live is a nutrient dense superfood green based liquid you drink. I have been using e3’s Brain On product for about a year now and Suzie found a huge benefit from adding it into her daily routine to help with her nausea. She would drink 1 tablespoon in coconut water every morning and it helped stop her nausea about 85% of the time. How cool is that, and it’s an all natural product. Check in out and make sure you go to you local health food store and ask for it by name. Even if you are not pregnant, it is a great addition to your diet.

I would love to hear anyone else’s comments about some suggestions that can be shared with the Power of Food community.  If you do not wish to leave a comment you can email me directly and I will add your recommendations anonymously in my next blog post.

I wish everyone a wonderful day in your part of the world and keep living abundantly happy & healthy!

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  1. Doulatron says:

    Thanks for this article; very interesting! I will keep your advice in mind for the moms I work with who experience so-called morning sickness.*

    Be well,

    Aimée Sturley
    Adar Birth Services

    *I say, “so-called” because pregnancy sickness is really a better name for the nausea that women get. Though it seems from your description that Suzie;s experience fits the image that most people have of pregnancy sickness, other women have it more intensely at other times of the day, and some don’t even experience it in the morning at all!

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