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Counting the Real Cost of Daily Pressure on your Performance

Strengthen self care to reduce the impact of daily stress

Leaders who come to work with multiple angels of pressure lack emotional resilience. This leads to poor decision making and lack of ability to problem solve effectively.

Leaders who come to work with the skills to manage daily pressure have higher emotional intelligence. This leads to an increase in empathy for employees needs and an enhanced openness to others ideas. 

Do you know the impact the daily pressure state is having on your physical and mental well-being? Do you suffer from mental fatigue, lack quality sleep, feel moments of frustration and anger? If you said yes to any one of these, stress is impacting your performance right now.

Statistics continue to reveal, those who work under stressful pressure come to work more agitated, overloaded and frustrated with their daily routine.

This pressure undercuts work performance and drives a wedge between you and those you care most about in your life.

Get a huge boost in your competitive advantage by committing to your brilliance. Apply to access the "HART" Method and enjoy immediate result in your daily performance.

"HART" is the blueprint coaching program to guide you out of the daily pressure cooker and into an enhanced state of emotional intelligence where optimal performance is realized. 

Did You Know?

On any given week, more than 500,000 Canadians will not go to work because of mental illness.

More than 30% of disability claims and 70% of disability costs are attributed to mental illness.

Approximately $51 billion each year are lost to the Canadian economy because of mental illness.

source: http://www.mentalhealthcommission.ca/English/national-standard

The "HART'' Method!

"Heart Activated Results Training" is the blueprint for managing the impact of daily stress while starting to feel happier and healthier right away!

Unlock your true potential with "HART" Coaching 

  • Step 1: Apply for "HART" to see if we are a good fit for working together

  • Step 2: Get on a quick call with one of our team members to secure a date to talk with Adam

  • Step 3: Receive your "HART" coaching intake package via email and schedule in your first 60 minute phone sessions

  • Step 4:Celebrate the commitment to yourself and begin enjoying the immediately results


Adam’s presentation to our staff was so informative, fun, energetic and positive. Everyone thought it was the best presentation our [Health and Wellness] Program has had in the past seven years”

— Linda Kompauer, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine


As our company evolves to a healthy workplace, aligning with Adam has been extremely relevant for improving our employees mental health.”

— Carolynne Mahood, HR Director IAP

How It Works

  • 3 Month Committment

    "Heart Activate Results Training" is a 3 month commitment to unlocking your brilliance for optimal performance.
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions

    The weekly 60 minute"HART" phone coaching sessions are where your results are anchored. During these sessions you will learn how to distinguish between what your mind is creating vs. the results your heart creates. The difference is undeniable once you know how these two states operate in the creation of what appears before you.
  • Accountability Challenges

    Between each "HART" coaching session you will be given a 3 or 7 day challenge specific to that weeks coaching to help anchor in your experience and provide accountability support to ensure you maximize desired results.  
  • "HART" Gatherings

    Your commitment  to "HART" is a commitment to your brilliance everyday! How would you like to share that with others who have also made this level of commitment? That's just what you get through the "HART" pop-up gatherings to help extend the community and give you access to others to further extend your support network, celebrate your victories and share in the beauty of life.

Ready to be brilliant everyday? With one click, you can start sleeping deeper, living happier and feeling more vibrant, right away!

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"HART" coaching is the blueprint to living brilliant everyday. Apply today to get started.

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