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  • Enhance Engagement

    Our highly professional facilitators use today's top blended learning tools to ensure every participant leaves with an engaged experience.
  • Elevate Energy

    Context is used to deliver a powerfully design experienced where every participant walks away with a heightened level of energy.
  • Inspire Action

    A call to action delivered at the conclusion of each training session ensures participants have an opportunity to anchor in their learning for long-term results.
  • Guided Results

    Our team of executive coaches provide post training experiential learning guidance to each participant for up to 7 days following each session.
  • Share the Learning

    Each training session comes with a companion guidebook for participants to share the knowledge with colleagues and loved ones.
  • Millennial Relevance

    All trainings utilize today's social environment to ensure all participants are part of the conversation regardless of age, sex or leadership level.

Enhance Leadership Engagement

Being an executive leader is often a highly pressure filled position. Long days, late nights, little down time and on the run meals impact performance, leading to sub-optimal results.

Treat your leadership team to one of our high octane training series, where brain function, emotional resilience, enhanced problem solving and coherent decision making collide into everyday brilliance.

Choose which training series below fits your leadership needs?

You immediately captured the attention of everyone in the room with your enthusiastic speech on the connection to mental health and food.  Your personal story and encouraging words motivated us to think more about the link between the mind and body. Your energy is contagious!”

mentalhealth– Leanne MacLeod, Canadian Mental Health Association

Adam’s presentation to our staff […] was so informative, fun, energetic and positive. Everyone thought it was the best presentation our [Health and Wellness] Program has had in the past seven years”.

UBClogo1– Linda Kompauer, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine

Exceptional clients building healthy workplaces

Pick the Training Series that Best Fits Your Needs?

Combine one or all of the series for the ultimate integrative experience.

Emotional Resilience

What do fatigue, cravings, poor sleep, frustration & brain fog all have in common? They often occur when emotions are left to run wild. The ER training series enables leaders to reduce personal suffering from excessive daily pressure & grow empathy for a happier & more harmonious culture.

ER Series Trainings:

  • 3 Must Do's to Beat Stress
  • Finding Flow in the Chaos
  • 3 Foods to Eat Today for a Happier Tomorrow

Delivered as 3 separate 60 minute trainings or as a 1/2 day Breakout Session.

Better Brain Function

How would you like to accelerate your teams ability to produce better results while working smarter and happier? The BBF training series reveals the neuroscience insights to easily increase brain function for higher performance within days.

BBF Series Trainings:

  • 3 Body Movements to Ignite Your Brain in 5 Minutes
  • Inspired Action Abundant Results
  • 7 Foods to Boost Brain Function within 24 Hours

Delivered as 3 separate 60 minute trainings or as a 1/2 day Breakout Session.

Art of Problem Solving

When faced with a number of problems, what's the first thing most leaders do? If I told you it was grab something to eat would you agree? The APS training series is a guide to upgrading your operating system to elevate your problem solving abilities.

APS Series Trainings:

  • One Tool You Already Own to Supersize Every Result
  • Eat This Not That for Better Problem Solving Powers
  • 5 Steps to Upgrading Your Operating System for Optimal Coherence

Delivered as 3 separate 60 minute trainings or as a 1/2 day Breakout Session.

Optimal Team Dynamics

Could your team dynamics use a boost in performance? Would your organization benefit from cultivating a team climate that drives innovation and adaptability? The OTD training series provides all the tools needed to inspire greatness in all your collaborate efforts.

OTD Series Trainings:

  • Getting Comfortable with Being Vulnerable
  • 3 Listening Skills every Leader Needs to Know
  • It's Not You It's Me & Why I'm Leaving the Company

Delivered as 3 separate 60 minute trainings or as a 1/2 day Breakout Session.

Power of Food

In many organizations food is still looked at as a nice to have wellness option. Just like your car, what you choose to eat during high pressure moments is the fuel that produces much of your results. The opportunity to utilize nutrition for optimal mental performance is now yours to discover. The POF training series guides you through daily nutrient intake to maximize personal and professional results.

Series Trainings:

  • Discover the Power of Food
  • Workplace Snacks Made Easy
  • 7 Key Supplements to Take with on Your Next Business Trip

Delivered as 3 separate 60 minute trainings or as a 1/2 day Breakout Session.

Smart Decision Making

Making smart decisions under pressure is a critical leadership skill. Often overlooked work and home pressures impact desired results. The SDM training series empowers leaders with the necessary tools to make smart decisions when under extreme pressure.

SDM Series Training:

  • 7 Secrets to Making Smarter Decisions for Happier Employees
  • 3 Natural Herbs to Alleviate Daily Pressure
  • 3 Elements of Every Smart Decision

Delivered as 3 separate 60 minute trainings or as a 1/2 day Breakout Session.

How it Works

  • Choose the training series that best fits your organizations needs. Each series offers 3 x 60 minute training sessions or bring them all together for a 1/2 day (3 hour) Breakout Session.

  • Decide on the delivery frequency of your training sessions - Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly. Remember, you can combine your training series into a 1/2 day (3 hour) Breakout Session or keep them as 3 individual 60 minute sessions.

  • Choose to host your training sessions LIVE or ONLINE. Each LIVE training session can be simulcasted to your entire team in any location. Webinar style ONLINE training sessions can be delivered when you choose and reach your entire team with 24/7 access to all the recordings, even if they miss the event.

  • We provide all the engagement material necessary to maximize your teams buy-in for preparation of their experience. Our custom created engagement tools will have your entire team excited to join the trainings and ready to take action.

Ready to Elevate Your Teams Performance?

I've helped dozens of forward thinking organizations enhance their leadership emotional intelligence (EQ) to support enhanced brain function for better results and optimal performance.

I am happy to be your guide in customizing an Leadership EQ Development Program that meets the specific needs of your organization.

Together we will have your leadership team minimizing the impact of stress in minutes, leading to smarter decisions, enhanced emotional resilience, sustained energy and better problem solving.

Give me a call or email to see if we are a good fit to work together. I would be happy to be a part of your organizations healthy success while supporting your team in elevating their performance!

Give me a call to learn how your teams increased EQ can impact performance!