Green Smoothies: Why?

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One thing we never seem to get enough of in our modern Western diet is leafy greens. They might grace the side of a fancy meal once in a while as a sprig of parsley, but many people don’t even realize the greenery is anything more than decoration.

Ironically, the best selling leafy green vegetable in the supermarket – iceberg lettuce – also happens to be one of the poorest greens around in terms of nutritional value. For my family growing up, a “salad” was a big bowl of iceberg lettuce with a few carrots, croutons, and cheese cubes thrown in. And don’t forget the dressing! Gobs of the stuff!

Over the years, I’ve broadened my horizons when it comes to salad creation, as you can see from browsing my recipes. I’ve also gotten more creative about getting my fix of nutrient-rich, dark, leafy green vegetables. One of the simples and tastiest ways to load up on those babies is to add them to a smoothie.

Chuck a handful of kale, spinach or spring greens into your blender to give a boost of green to any kind of smoothie. Because greens sometimes have a mildly bitter flavour, I often add some pitted dates and bananas into my green smoothies to sweeten the taste.

Whats so great about leafy greens?

Lets take a look at kale for a moment. The queen of greens, as I like to call it, contains over 200% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A and more then 100% of your RDI of vitamin C in just one cup. Yes, you read that right, just one cup! Kale is also loaded with calcium and iron. Do you think it’s tough to consume 1 cup of kale? Not if it’s in a smoothie with the right ingredients. I’ll share my latest green smoothie recipe at the bottom of this post.

In the mean time, I encourage you to go online and find some tasty green smoothies to help get you started. If you need some inspiration, here are 8 of my favourite people leading the charge in making smoothies more exciting and fun to drink;

Victoria Boutenko

Victoria is the best-selling author of several raw food books, including the award winning Green for Life. Her story of healing herself and her children through the power of a nutrient-rich, raw food diet is truly inspiring. Victoria shares loads of information on her popular blog, and even has an App for instant iPhone access to countless recipes.

Sergei Boutenko

Looking for a way to connect your children to healthier eating? Check out Victoria’s son Sergei. Sergei has a fantastic blog with loads of fun and entertaining videos to help both adults and children deepen their relationship with their food.

Caleb & Sheleana Jennings

Caleb and Sheleana are the dynamic duo behind the ‘Young & Raw’ movement. They have been steaming up the internet with their rocking great vibes and tasty delights. With almost 300,000 people engaged on their Facebook Fanpage, you know there’s something great going on! Take a look at their latest blog post which happens to be all about the top green foods we all should know more about.

Angela Liddon

Angela is the founder of the popular vegan blog Oh, She Glows. With over 400 of her own recipe creations waiting for you, there is no shortage of inspiration to help get you going with your next smoothie creation.

Robyn Openshaw

Robyn, also know as the Green Smoothie Girl, decided to take control of her family’s health and switch to a mostly raw, mostly plant-based diet after numerous trips to the doctor and various medications failed to produce any improvement in her son’s asthma. With her son now symptom-free, she is a passionate advocate of green smoothies. Her blog is a great resource for inspiration for parents looking to get their children drinking more smoothies and eating healthier.

Emily von Euw

Emily woke up one day and decided to be vegan. It was an ethical choice: she didn’t want her dietary choices to add to the sum total of suffering in the world. Since then, Emily been a busy girl! Her blog is filled with great information and resources, including a long list of very creative smoothie and juice recipes.

Tess Masters

Tess is also know as ‘The Blender Girl’. With a superhero name like that, you know you’re going to find loads of yummy blended creations to choose from to get your energy rockin’ every day. Take a look and get inspired!

Steve Factor

Steve is also know as ‘The Pure Energy Chef’. A personal friend of mine, Steve is a true inspiration on what it takes to follow your dreams. Living in LA, Steve is soon to open up the hottest new juice bar in America and his daily messages to his Pure Energy Tribe on his Facebook Fanpage are a great way to start your day. Check him out!

Get started with green smoothies!

If you’re still thirsty for more, feel free to check out my latest green smoothie creation. It’s for My Incredible Hunk Smoothie. Yes that’s right, it’s a green smoothie for your man!

Did I miss a smoothie superhero you think needs to be shared? Tell me below.

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  1. Hi Adam, love receiving your email and enjoy scouring through your new cook book! I have one comment. There is a lot of marketing and consumerism in slurping down smoothies. As an observer of the continuous growing waist lines of Canadians, many people have no idea how many calories and sugar they are consuming on what is lead to believe to be a ‘healthy’ food choice. People need to understand and perhaps learn about the huge benefits of chewing food, Perhaps you could address this sometime in your newsletter. Have a fun day. ~ Colleen

    • Adam Hart says:

      I agree Colleen, chewing food is a crucial part to our digestive process and one very important aspect of our heath not to be taken for granted. I will be sure to write a post all about it in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks for the list of blogs to check out. I have become familiar with a few of these since becoming a Green Smoothie fanatic. You can never follow enough great Foodie/Smoothie ideas, eh?

    • Adam Hart says:

      You got it Kristin! Happy to know you enjoyed the list. Some great resources to help keep us all going with the power of green smoothies. Oh Yeah!

      Happy Eating or should I say, drinking 🙂



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