Gluten Be Gone

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Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, arthritic symptoms or depression? IF YES, it may be because of the gluten you consume on a daily basis. Find out how you can help yourself thrive while avoiding unwanted illness and disease.
About 30 days ago I made the personal decision to go gluten free. Since then I have had many people ask me why?

At first I decided to cut out gluten because I discovered that I had several bad habits that effected me mentally and physically. As much as I follow what I teach, specifically the 80/20 Rule of eating, where 80% of my diet is made up of whole foods and the other 20% I eat what I want when I want, I often find myself challenged to maintain my course. For the past year I have found myself including beer into my 80% as well as sugary baked goods from local coffee shops (preparing my e3 for LIFE book for publication). These two bad habits, beer & baked goods, on their own and within the 20% would be fine, but increasingly they have become a daily occurrence and for me that is unacceptable.

Going gluten free has been on my mind for some time, but mentally, I have viewed as too painful to try.

It’s too difficult
I won’t be able to eat much
I don’t really want to

Now that I have a few bad habits I want to eliminate, going gluten free was the logical choice. By focusing on gluten, not only do I eliminate the unhealthy attributes associated with a gluten diet, but it also allows me to remove my two biggest junk habits, beer and baked goods.

Now I don’t need to single out beer or baked goods, which would double the pain. I just focus on gluten free and in one swoop I have eliminated many of my bad habits.

So why go gluten free? It was easier on my mind to remove two of my biggest bad habits by going gluten free and not having to focus on each one individually. Does this make sense? The health benefits are a bonus because when you remove gluten from your diet you also remove an enormous amount of health issues.

According to a review in The New England Journal of Medicine, consuming gluten can cause at least 55 illnesses including: chronic reoccurring canker sores, fatigue, anemia, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and many other autoimmune diseases.

Gluten is also linked to a number of psychiatric and neurological conditions, including anxiety, autism, dementia, depression, epilepsy, migraines, and neuropathy.

We all experience some health issues related to our consumption of gluten. To what extent? the only way to know is to remove it from your diet or reduce it to the 20% mark. You may even eliminate some of your bad habits you no longer want at the same time, BONUS!

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