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This October 28th at 11am PDT, 2pm EST I am hosting a LIVE TRAINING

How To Lose 10 Pounds Without Dieting

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There are a LOT of areas you can focus on when it comes to getting healthier.

Bottom line is, no matter where your health is right now, you need more energy in order to accelerate your results.

But there’s a grey area no one is talking about – the PROCESS.

How do you ignite more energy without giving up eating carbohydrates and other sweet and salty foods?

Join me on this LIVE TRAINING to learn how to shed some of the weight without giving up the foods you love to eat.

Register right now to secure your seat

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar very soon!

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Adam Hart

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About Adam Hart

Adam Hart is the bestselling author of The Power of Food. When not on stage speaking, Adam can be found helping one of his many corporate clients in awakening an abundance of energy through his highly engaging stress management solutions.Contact Adam to book a demo for an enhanced corporate wellness experience.


  1. Carrie Stephen says:

    Enjoyed the first hour but unfortunately was unable to get the remainder as I had to start my shift. Excited to know when there might be a repeat of this webinar as I was looking forward to the 14 days of breakfasts. Thanks for all your great ideas and enthusiasm!


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