Figs, Your Healthy Sugar Substitute

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I know a thing or two about sugar. I grew up eating loads of sweet cereals and snacks. As a regular reader, you probably know where that went. Not pretty.  Once I made the decision to get off the processed sugar train, I began seeking out healthier foods that would take care of my sugar cravings.

It didn’t take long before I discovered figs. They’ve since become a very large part of my plant-based diet. (Hint: they’re especially awesome when it comes to sports.)

Whether you’re an around-the-block walker, a marathon runner, a cross country mountain biker, or an alpine rock climber, eating the right type of sugars is crucial to your ability to maintain a high level of energy. Even for those who just need a little pick me up during the work day, figs are one of Mother Natures greatest gifts.

With loads of important vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and Vitamin C, figs pack a powerful punch. They’re a great source for quality simple carbohydrates that won’t spike your insulin the same way processed sugar does. When combined with other plant-based ingredients (like the recipe below!), figs are a healthy alternative sweetener. No guilt necessary!

With summer right around the corner, you’ll likely be spending more time playing outside. Why not fuel yourself with the natural power of figs? You’ll get real energy without the big crash or additional sugar cravings.

Feeling energized after eating some figs during a recent mountain bike ride

Try my recipe for FIG BITES! They are a creative snack to fuel your next sports outing. I polished off a whole batch while mountain biking over the weekend. Too good!

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  1. Alan.jaeger says:

    These sound so good man ill try these for sure

  2. Hi Adam,
    This looks good. So this should take care of my sugar addiction? I especially crave sweets just before bed and always succumb to something. I am looking for an alternative to my current bad choices.

    • Adam Hart says:

      Hey Krista

      Once you start adding in some nutrient rich foods such as hemp seeds into your diet, it is amazing how fast the sugar cravings begin to disappear. Give it a try for a few days and see what happens.

  3. Wow, these look amazing! I will be making them. I have never used hemp seeds….so they are different to linseed and chia seeds then? I will be checking them out

    • Adam Hart says:

      Hey Anna. For sure you need to check out hemp seeds. They are my favourite plant based food and ROCK when it comes to controling blood sugar! Let me know how it goes.

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