Adam’s Power Tips – Red Bull and other energy drinks

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We’ve all done it.

Needing a burst of energy, we are reminded of the adrenaline sports junkies on TV and in the magazines pushing themselves to the limit – all because they have “wings” – caffiene and sugar propelled energy that gives them an extra boost.

But does it, really?

Have a watch of this video and see what I’ve got to say about the energy drink fad, and a tip for an even better one than what you might be used to!

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Adam Hart is the author of The Power of Food, which shares the secrets of achieving optimum health through living, plant-based foods. International speaker, chef and champion of intention-based living, Adam shows his readers how to awaken an abundance of energy and vitality without giving up their favourite foods. A lover of the great outdoors, Adam spends his free time trekking the mountains of British Columbia. Get the full story here...