Cooking Class Series – Hiding the Health!

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Learn what snacks are easiest to prepare in this four hour cooking class from Adam and the Power of Food Family!


You will you discover how to make your own 5 minute energy bars & Adam will let you leave with his very own secret recipe to his morning booster smoothie……oooooh yaaaaaa!


Hiding the Health will be for those fussy eaters in your family, most notably youngsters.  You will learn some tasty recipes that kids love and won’t even realize how good it is for them!



1. You will have Adam Hart as your personal chef for each class
2. Each class is 2 hours and includes a Q+A based on your health struggles and desired health goals
3. Each class is held on Sunday mornings from 10:00-12:00 – Gives you freedom to get back outside and enjoy the summer.
4. Get access to some of the healthiest sourced food on the planet – each ingredient is living with energy
5. Discover some of the most powerful superfoods known to human kind
6. Adam will reveal to you how to stock and store key ingredients to ensure you don’t reach for the frozen food, order in or go out.
7. Discover tricks for quick preparation to give you back your time
8. Learn ways to save $ on your next grocery bill
9. Become familiar with the most recent kitchen gadgets that will simplify your life & de-clutter your kitchen
10. Includes all your food – Organic Lives – this is not McDonalds


By the end of your Power of Food Summer Cooking Class Series, you will be a ‘Kitchen Wizard’. How would you like it to be able to make healthy meals that are quick to prepare & enjoyed by your entire family? Would you like that to be easy to achieve? The Power of Food Summer Cooking Series is for you!



First 15 People Only

Gift It – Do you know someone who is sick, fighting with disease or illness? How about someone who is tired all the time? The Power of Food Summer Cooking Series is an ideal gift!


It also ma
kes a great gift for an anniversary, wedding or fathers day.


you will walk away from each class with a mini recipe booklet to guide you between classes and have you feeling more energized the minute you leave the room.




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About Adam Hart

Adam Hart is the bestselling author of The Power of Food. When not on stage speaking, Adam can be found helping one of his many corporate clients in awakening an abundance of energy through his highly engaging stress management solutions.Contact Adam to book a demo for an enhanced corporate wellness experience.


  1. Lindaheep says:

    Hi Adam. These classes sound great. Could you please post or let me know where to find the cost for the various classes? Also, how do you register for the classes? Thanks so much.

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