Cheerios: A Good Choice For a Healthy Snack?

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Are Cheerios a Healthy Snack? Check out this post from my friend Snack Girl. I posted a comment you can view below. Let me know what you think, healthy or not?


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As much as one might believe Cheerios is a healthier choice for cereal, the truth is, you might as well be eating Frosted Flakes. The way you body reacts when using the nutrients found in Cheerios is no different then any other commercial processed food that has very little in the way of nutrients. A quick burst of insulin and then an energy crash, that is what you can expect when you eat Cheerios.

I love cereal and always have. That is why now I eat 1/4 cup of my favorite cereal and add hemp seed, ground flax seeds and almonds to boost the nutritional value and give me the energy I need to enjoy my day. I even add quinoa to my cereal a few times a week. So Good!

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