Brotherly Love

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Just a few days ago, one of my closets friends of the past 10 years moved 4000+km away, to start a new chapter in his life. Connecting to my emotions around this event has been an interesting exercise as I try to make sense of the the feelings I am experiencing.

You see, this was a love affair of epic proportions. No, not is the physical sense, but very much an emotional connection to another human being, who inspired me to be better and was often a shoulder to lean on.

Growing up, my addicted to sugar left me disconnected to my emotional state. Having arrived in my mid-twenties broken down both physically and mentally, I know love was not in the drivers seat. Having learnt how to allow love in (stabilizing my blood sugar daily by eating more plants got this started) I have experienced an emotional transformation over the past 15 years.

Now, I can see, with my heart feeling sad as well as joy, I have come to a beautiful place of acceptance and allowance to feel hurt, to feel pain, to feel sad, while also feeling strength to breath into it, knowing I will be okay. This was not always the case for much of my life.

All too often, back during my pre-diabetic days, my emotional state would trigger a reaction that did not serve me short or long term. If I got upset or felt pain, I would numb it with processed carbohydrates and television. Now, I can feel the emotions unlike ever before and it feels great, even if the emotion is sadness.

Having the ability to connect to my daily emotions on a level where they empower me to be better, to be more vulnerable and to love deeper, guides me to fulfilling all my life’s intentions.

It is this beauty that has guided my journey over the past several years, the birth of both my kids, the first time I laid eyes on Suzie or the first climb to the summit of a mountain and every time after. My emotions are my compass to living abundantly happy and healthy. Being okay with sadness is a source of light, being happy and loving to others during difficult decisions is a source of light.

Although selfish thoughts rang through my head for the months leading up to Steve saying his goodbye’s, I know his decision was a good one. So as one chapter comes to an end, another one begins. No matter how this new chapter plays out, I am truly blessed to have a brother who loves deeply, inspires many and who represents all that is beautiful in life.

Who inspires you? Who would you like to share a love message with? Do it below in the comments and connect to the powerful emotion that guides all your daily actions.

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In Gratitude


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