Is Your Breakfast Routine Hurting You?

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A wholesome and nutritious breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that’s the truth! What you eat for breakfast or don’t eat, can have a major impact on how you feel for the rest of the day. A nutritious breakfast boosts your metabolism, nourishes your mind, helps cut cravings and will ultimately make you feel more energized. Even after all we know about the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast, it’s amazing that so many people are still getting breakfast wrong.

What type of Breakfast person are you?

The “cereal bar or muffin” person: They always have some type of sugary breakfast bar or muffin on the way to work and often find themselves feeling tired and hungry a couple hours later.

The “I never eat breakfast” person: They have never cared for breakfast and are convinced they don’t need it. They often eat large portions at dinnertime because they are starving.

The “fast food breakfast” person: They don’t have time to make breakfast so they grab a greasy, nitrate filled breakfast sandwich. They often feel gassy and bloated.

The “coffee is my breakfast” person: They usually consume at least two cups of joe before noon. They are often moody and crash hard in the early afternoon.

Did you identify with any of those? If so, this is the perfect time to make some simple changes to your breakfast routine. I understand that most people are on a time crunch these days, but I cannot stress enough that having a nutritious breakfast, each morning, doesn’t have to be complicated.

The key is preparation. Preparation really goes for all your meals. I always recommend committing to a “grocery day” that works for you, once a week. On grocery day, stock up on all the healthy foods (lots of fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds) that you’ll need to get you through the week. I’ll teach you all about this in my 14-Day Breakfast Reboot Meal Plan.

By being prepared, you will avoid the rushed fast food stops or quick coffee exits out the door and begin a fresh and vibrant morning routine to energize your day.

Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast will get you on track and inspire you to make other positive changes in your life. Nourishing your body & mind first thing everyday is a great first step towards a healthier life. I know first hand. My depression is gone, my anxiety is gone and I no longer suffer with anger issues. I contribute a lot of this to putting the right fuel into my body first thing in the morning

One of the recipes in my 14-Day Breakfast Reboot Meal Plan that has helped me overcome many of my health issues over the years is the Get Up & Go Hemp Breakfast Bars. Full of protein and slow release energy, these bars are your quick solution to help get you started with a fresh & vibrant morning routine.

Take a look at my 14-Day Breakfast Reboot Meal Plan and see if it is right for you. If you are feeling a little sluggish or are tired of being anxious and stressed throughout your day, I know you will love how my Reboot makes you feel – Check it out – Oh yeah! 




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