Breakfast Reboot – 14 Day Morning Meal Plan

Reboot your health with my
14-day plant-based breakfast meal plan!

Easy and healthy breakfasts that’ll have you and your family
brimming with newfound energy and vitality.

Quick meals to energize.
Perfect for on-the-go busy bodies.
The ideal plan to get you started.

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A healthy breakfast fires up the engine and gets your metabolism going to burn more fat.

This is essential if your goal is to lose weight. Sugar cereals are just a quick fix – they metabolize too fast, giving you a spike followed by a big, bad crash. Plus, it’s easier to stay active when you’re not running on empty.


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A nourishing morning meal improves mood and concentration throughout the day.

Undernourished kids have been shown to be more apathetic, disinterested and irritable – even more so after a sugar crash. Hungry adults are no different! A nutritious breakfast is essential for normal brain function and mood stability.


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Breakfast Reboot gives you the chance to get your healthy foods in for the day.

You’re much more likely to eat the right types of foods later in the day if you eat the right ones in the morning. Breakfast sets the tone for the day. Eating a nutrient-rich morning meal every day supports strong bones and healthy aging.


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This meal plan will reduce your nagging food cravings throughout the day.

A healthy morning meal balances your blood sugar and leaves you feeling pleasantly full, making the vending machine a lot less tempting in the afternoon. A power breakfast equals financial and caloric savings!


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Adam-with-power-of-food-bookHi, I’m Adam Hart, living food champion and bestselling author.

Done right, breakfast is the most powerful meal of the day. In this 14-day video program, you’ll discover how to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into ultra-easy, ultra-quick power breakfasts for a daily dose of goodness your body will love you for.

Say goodbye to lumpy porridge, dry toast and drive-thrus. If you want to kickstart your health, this breakfast program is a great first step. If you’re an on-the-go parent without a lot of time, if you’ve been juggling a busy work-life and grown accustomed to running out the door with an empty stomach, these 14-days of high-powered breakfasts will keep your engines running all day long!

Your friend in health,


Start each and every day on the right foot!

What you get in the Breakfast Reboot 14-Day Meal Plan

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home-breakfast-rebootExclusive access to my morning meal video workshop, with 12 super simple, super scrumptious breakfast recipes.

This instructional video series is divided into 12 easy-to-follow segments, presented in a workshop format where I show you how to prepare easy recipes packed with nutritional education ranging from 5-15 minutes each.

All this is delivered in over 2 hours of healthy awesomeness. You’ll learn to prepare nourishing recipes full of fibre, good carbs, omega-3 and 6 EFAs, iron, calcium, protein and all the nutrients your family needs to thrive. Designed to be easy to prepare, these stress-reducing, crave-busting morning meals will have you brimming with newfound energy and vitality from the moment you walk out your door.

Plus, I’ll share with you ten years worth of kitchen tricks and nutritional know-how to feed you and your family a healthy morning meal and have fun doing it![/text_block]

Your 14-Day Breakfast Meal Plan Recipes Include

  • Easy milk recipes. Make your own super fresh hemp milk and almond milk. Even the most dedicated dairy-lovers will go nuts for them!

  • Tasty smoothie recipes. Easy, irresistible smoothies, great for anyone on the go. For those “I just can’t eat in the morning!”-types, smoothies are a great way to get all the nutrients you need in one small glass.

  • All-natural cereal recipes. Free yourself from sugary, store-bought cereals with my homemade, high-fibre power cereal. It’s great for athletes and loved by kids.

  • Coffee alternatives. It’s all flavour and no caffeine! If you’re ready to try a healthy coffee alternative, this is a good place to start.
  • Breakfast bars, pancakes and muffin recipes. Bake your way to easy, ready-to-go breakfast bars the whole family will enjoy! Satisfy the carb-craving with muffins and pancakes that are 100% guilt-free, gluten-free and completely satisfying.
  • Yummy nut butters. Make your own nut butters that’ll forever change the way you look at store-bought peanut butter! Plus, they’ll save you cash big-time!

You’re also getting a whole bunch of course materials, including…

  • A complete downloadable/printable PDF meal plan with a checklist for tracking your daily success.
  • Easy-to-follow weekly shopping lists with exact amounts. All you need to do is print and go!
  • Instant access any time of day to the entire video series and program content, whether you’re in your PJ’s, on the treadmill or in the kitchen.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can engage with other participants, share your stories, ask questions and celebrate your successes.

  • A major timesaver!

    These meals are easy to prepare and they’ve got all the nutrients you need to fuel up for the day.

  • Save a wad of cash.

    Eating the right breakfast will help you cut down on snacking, saving money at cafeterias and drive-thrus!

  • All about power foods.

    Prepare easy-to-find, affordable power foods that’ll make the biggest impact on your health.

  • 100% Pure Goodness

    All recipes are 100% vegan, gluten-free, gmo-free, soy-free, peanut-free and dairy-free.

This program is not for you if

  • You don’t have access to a computer.
  • You’re happy with your health, your moods are balanced and don’t feel you need more energy.
  • You already spend time planning your morning meals and creating detailed shopping lists for the week.
  • You’re not interested in exploring easy-to-digest, plant-based proteins.
  • You’re unwilling to invest a little more time in the kitchen.
  • When you get out of the shower, you’re excited by what you see in the mirror.

This program is definitely for you if

  • You’re ready to take your health to the next level.
  • You’re extremely busy and need an action plan that also saves you time and money.
  • You know what you should be doing but aren’t sure how to get started.
  • You’re tired of your same old boring cereal and looking for some healthy inspiration.
  • You’re fed up with feeling low on energy and stressed.
  • You’re ready to get off the diet train and experience lasting, vibrant health.

Here’s what people are saying about Adam Hart…

Thanks for your knowledge and work on making the mind-boggling job of grocery shopping and feeding your family a little more simple. Nicole Carothers, Mother

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Breakfast Reboot 14-Day Breakfast Plan


Get instant access to the entire Breakfast Reboot video series and 14-day breakfast plan!


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100% Risk Free!

If for any reason the Breakfast Reboot 14-Day Breakfast Plan doesn’t totally rock your breakfast socks off, I will provide you a complete refund up to 30 days after your purchase.

  • q-iconI’m watching my weight. Will the meals be high in calories?

    There are two kinds of calories: living and dead. All of the recipes in the Breakfast Reboot meal plan are based on living calories that your body will use to help you lose weight and enjoy sustained energy.

  • q-iconWhat kitchen equipment do I need to follow this program?

    All of the recipes in the Breakfast Reboot meal plan are created using common kitchen utensils. A food processor is ideal, but not a requirement. A blender will get the job done just fine!

  • q-iconMy dad has diabetes. Can this program help him?

    The Breakfast Reboot is a great choice for diabetics. This plan is full of high quality macronutrients that help to stabilize blood-sugar, making it ideal for diabetics.

  • q-iconWill I have to give up my morning coffee?

    This program is not about restriction! Keep eating and drinking what you love. The Reboot Program helps you to add in more of what your body needs.