5 Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating

Hi everyone! Below is a video of my appearance at one of the amazing YVR Foodie events. Not only do I share my 5 tips for healthy restaurant eating but I also share the story of how food was used as a reward when I was a child and how that impacted my eating habits for a good portion of my life. I … [Read more...]

3 Quick and Easy Breakfasts Featured on CTV!

I'm super stoked to tell you I was a guest on CTV this week. In under ten minutes, I demonstrated not one, not two, but THREE amazing, fast and easy breakfast recipes to charge up your energy and keep you fired up all day long. Are you intrigued? Check it out on the CTV website here and learn how … [Read more...]

Want Something? Use Intention To Get It!

In my book, The Power of Food, I share the 12 How-To Action Steps for achieving abundant health and happiness. In addition to being in nature and getting proper nutrition, a key action step I discuss in my new book involves using the power of intention. I can't stress enough the importance of … [Read more...]

Overcoming Anxiety

For those of you who know my story, you are aware that I once suffered from depression and bouts of anxiety. Today more then ever we know someone, who is struggling with some form of mental illness. Is there someone in your life right now who could use a little extra LOVE? Maybe a family member, … [Read more...]

What are the Benefits of Soaking Nuts?

A great question was asked about my Mojo Trail Mix video from my YouTube channel.... Why do you soak the nuts in this recipe? Doesn't that lose the nutrients or make them go bad when you store them? Here is my answer:   Soaking your nuts for 6-8-12-24 hours depending on the nut, … [Read more...]

Happy Mommies Day Smoothie

Hello Power of Foodies I am so excited to share some great news with you all. I have a new social media strategy and platform integrated into my everyday activities and am happy to begin sharing lots more amazing content with you. You may have noticed over the past 48 hours I have uploaded … [Read more...]

Adam at the Farmer’s Market

This video is actually from this past summer (you don't say!), but it is worth posting. This farmer's market is from my hometown in Squamish, but farmers' markets are becoming more and more plentiful in North America as people are demanding a closer relationship to the food we eat.  After … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Red Bull and other energy drinks

We've all done it. Needing a burst of energy, we are reminded of the adrenaline sports junkies on TV and in the magazines pushing themselves to the limit - all because they have "wings" - caffiene and sugar propelled energy that gives them an extra boost. But does it, really? Have a watch … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power Tips – Gluten Free Snacks

Do you rely on gluten free snacks to get you through your day? Every one of us has an allergy to gluten. It helps create inflammation in our body, and it's a great idea to avoid it - as hard as that can be. Part of the power tips series, take a look at what the gluten-free products in … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power tips – Cucumber

I've heard a lot of people that consider cucumber a "healthy" option. But do you know why? Watch this video and hear what I've gotta say about it! Let me know what you think! … [Read more...]