Going Gluten Free

About 30 days ago I made the personal decision to go gluten free. Since then I have had many people ask me why? At first I decided to cut out gluten because I discovered that I had several bad habits that effected me mentally and physically. As much as I follow what I teach, specifically the … [Read more...]

Smoothie Your Way to Better Health

If I told you all you needed to eat in the morning was a smoothie no bigger then a 1/4 cup and you would have abundant energy all day, would you believe me?  The truth is many North Americans tend to consume all the wrong types of nutrients before they begin their day. Not only are our portions … [Read more...]

Do you know what a dehydrator is?

I just ordered a new dehydrator from Excalibur. This is something I would never have owned 10 years ago, but now I can’t live without one. I am so stoked! Do you own a dehydrator? If you don’t own one, are not familiar with what they are or what to do with one, let me know and I will share with … [Read more...]

Cheerios: A Good Choice For a Healthy Snack?

Are Cheerios a Healthy Snack? Check out this post from my friend Snack Girl. I posted a comment you can view below. Let me know what you think, healthy or not? My Comment As much as one might believe Cheerios is a healthier choice for cereal, the truth is, you might as well be eating Frosted … [Read more...]

Is Stress Getting You Down?

Are you stressed at work? I know I used to be. Here is a recent article about workplace stress linked to obesity from the Science Daily. Check it out. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100324142133.htm … [Read more...]

Get Outside & Play

Do you think you eat healthy? Most people do. I am sure you eat healthy to some extent, but without exercise, no amount of healthy eating is going to keep you in top shape Proper nutrition is crucial for abundant health, but without a healthy dose of exercise, you will never achieve your desired … [Read more...]

Wanting More Without Effort

Your brain is after one thing and one thing and one thing only….pleasure. The reality is, we will do anything to avoid pain and anything to gain pleasure. If you are like me you have spent a lot of time wondering why you are not healthier or why you don’t have that million dollars in the bank … [Read more...]

Making your New Year Resolutions Count

Will this be another New Year when you wonder how it got to be the end of February and still you have not begun to go after those New Year resolutions? How many of you know what it’s like to start the New Year off with great intentions towards your health, but only find yourself in the same old … [Read more...]