Overcoming Anxiety

For those of you who know my story, you are aware that I once suffered from depression and bouts of anxiety. Today more then ever we know someone, who is struggling with some form of mental illness. Is there someone in your life right now who could use a little extra LOVE? Maybe a family member, … [Read more...]

Adam’s Power tips – Cucumber

I've heard a lot of people that consider cucumber a "healthy" option. But do you know why? Watch this video and hear what I've gotta say about it! Let me know what you think! … [Read more...]

What’s in Your Calories?

A good friend of mine recently shared a story with me that had him overly frustrated. Reaching into the mini-bar fridge in his hotel room, he was hoping to find something to ease his starvation. Still dripping sweat from his 20 minutes of running on the hotel treadmill, his hunger pangs were … [Read more...]

Adam’s take on Quinoa

Want to know what the healthiest grain on the planet is to eat.......Quinoa. Watch this quick video to find out why. … [Read more...]

Are the Chips You Eat Giving you Diabetes?

Are the Chips You Eat Giving you Diabetes? Do you like eating chips? Why not enjoy a bag while watching television or hanging out with friends? They are salty, taste great and satisfy your hunger cravings to some extent, but are they really all that healthy for you. I think you already know that … [Read more...]

Inspiration for YOU!!

Inspiration for You!   I get so excited to share with you the emails and notes I receive from people who are taking action. Hey Adam, I’ve been using the Power of Food for almost a month and lost about 10lb. And I feel great. I didn’t’ find that transition to eating 50-80% whole food a day as … [Read more...]

Grocery Tour Testimonial

The tour was awesome Adam! Thank you and I learned a lot… you have a good answer for just about everything… I like your style. Young, old, fit or not so fit, everyone can learn something on that tour… and bonus at the end topped it all! So sign up for the next one to all of you out there… it is so … [Read more...]

Past Client Update

Thursday, January 13, 2011 Past Client Update   A few weeks ago I shared with you a little about one of my Power of Food Coachingclients, Jo-Anne. Recently Jo-Anne finished 3 months of Power of Food Coaching with me personally and I am happy to let you know…. SHE IS ROCKING IT IN 2011! Here … [Read more...]

6 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

If you’re like me, you spend many hours during the holiday season wishing you had put that extra piece of Christmas cake down before stuffing yourself silly. How many of you know you will overeat during the holidays this year? I bet many of you said yes. Why is it that we know we will likely … [Read more...]

You have a Choice

At this moment you have a choice. This very choice leads you down two different paths. One is a path of enlightenment full of abundant health and happiness. The other leads you to a life of unwanted food cravings, moody emotions and a slow decaying mind and body. Which do you want? In my one hand I … [Read more...]