Holiday Mini Goal Setting

As an active busy body, the holidays often become a time when we fall off our active routine. This is the perfect time to set up a mini goal to ensure you don’t lose too much of your current results. Whether you are looking to stay strong, slim, trim or energized over the holiday season, a mini … [Read more...]

My Dragon’s Den Appearance

As many of you know, I have built a very strong daily practice around engaging intention and thus manifesting amazing things into my life. Perfect examples of this are my own line of food products Ra Energy Foods, my bestselling book The Power of Food, my beautiful family and awesome roof over my … [Read more...]

3 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Living

The Power of Food kitchen is a bit different than your standard kitchen from whence I grew up. While I do tend to cook things from time to time, the emphasis is to prepare my food as close to its whole state as possible and thus keeping all the nutrients and digestive enzymes intact. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Is Your TV Addiction Killing You?

Are you like many North Americans who get home from a hard day of work and sit in front of the television to numb the day away? I know I used to be. There is comfort in tuning out the mind and just letting go. The television is the quickest way to escape our daily routine and forget all our troubles … [Read more...]

Carrageenan: What IS That?

In my blog post 5 Ingredients You Want to Avoid in 2014, I shared some important information you and your family need to know about. The last ingredient on this list was carrageenan and below you will find out why it is one you want to avoid. If you read food labels, you've probably stumbled … [Read more...]

Why You’re Not Losing Weight

The quest to lose weight seems never ending for many people. The problem is that many people focus on dieting as a means to lose weight. They deprive themselves, sometimes almost starve themselves in hope of a quick result. They may get quick result but as soon as they return to their normal eating … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Controlling Cravings You Need to Know

Potato chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, donuts, pasta, pizza - and bacon! Did the mere mention of one of those foods trigger a powerful craving for it? Was your go-to snack food on that list? If it was, stay put for just a little longer before you race for the cupboards, because there are a … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day – Plant-Based Foods for Post Pregnancy

Seeing that my wife and I  are expecting our second child any minute now, I want to pay tribute to her and send my gratitude to all the wonderful mothers out there.  As a father I can honestly say that being a parent is the greatest gift in the world and having a loving wife, who is such an amazing … [Read more...]

Get Outside & Play!

It’s easy to feel over-whelmed  with all the things that need to be done in a day. Unfortunately this usually means healthy eating and exercise take a back burner to everything else. The reality is that proper nutrition and a good dose of exercise are crucial for abundant health. Rock climbing … [Read more...]

Breakfast Reboot – No More Diets!

Have you ever over-indulged on the weekend and thought, "I'll start my diet on Monday"? If you said yes, then you are aware that this scenario typically ends with feelings of frustration and disappointment. We know that “diets” are not sustainable and usually just leave us feeling tired and hangry. … [Read more...]