Green Smoothies: Why?

One thing we never seem to get enough of in our modern Western diet is leafy greens. They might grace the side of a fancy meal once in a while as a sprig of parsley, but many people don't even realize the greenery is anything more than decoration. Ironically, the best selling leafy green … [Read more...]

Love is Food for the Soul

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the support of my family and friends I have had over the years. It is often easy to forget the importance of LOVE in our ability to heal and feel worthy. I believe it is a feeling of unworthiness that led me to a pre-diabetic state 15 years ago. … [Read more...]

Resveratrol: How Grapes Help Fight Aging, Sunburn, and More!

It's a great time of year to be get out and enjoy those long summer days. Whether you're at the beach, out for a run, doing a bit of climbing or cycling, chances are you're going to catch some sun. We need that Vitamin D we get from soaking up those rays. But UV exposure also increases the risk of … [Read more...]

Gut Bacteria is Good For You! How to Keep it Happy

If you've ever taken antibiotics, you've probably heard your doctor suggest that you should eat some yogurt to replenish your "good" gut bacteria. Sounds simple, right? It turns out there's much more to the story. Nutrition researchers have recently been discovering that the balance of gut … [Read more...]

Aspartame: What Is That?

If you're an ingredient reader on food packaging, like I am, you probably come across all kinds of items that are a mystery. Some you might see all the time and never get around to finding out what they are and where they come from. I'm going to tackle a few of the most common additives over the … [Read more...]

Top 3 Foods to Cool You Down

Summer is here, and wherever I go I see people lining up at ice cream stands and cracking open ice-cold soda pops and energy drinks. But do frosty treats actually cool you down? As it turns out, not all liquids are created equal. Your body's cooling system is regulated by the hypothalmus, which … [Read more...]

5 Foods Every Runner Should Eat

For me, there’s nothing like running outside! It’s hard to beat the feeling of being one with nature—the sun on my skin, the wind at my back, and the mountain air in my lungs (yup, I live in the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada!). Not only do I enjoy running outdoors, but I’m also passionate … [Read more...]

Asparagus Each Day Keeps the Doc Away

Can eating asparagus really keep the doctor away? I was listening to my good friend David Wolfe  give one of his always-inspiring talks recently. During the talk, David mentioned the power of eating asparagus and in particular, the roots of common asparagus. The root of common asparagus is … [Read more...]

Lose Weight By Eating Fat?

When was the last time you read a nutritional label while shopping for groceries? Yesterday? Some time last week? Packaged foods are tricky. Many of the question I hear from audience members at Power of Food events concern the amount of calories found in everyday items such as energy bars, canned … [Read more...]

3 Discoveries That Helped Me Lose Weight

I’ve got news for you. Being overweight, tired and unhappy is not a great way to live your life. This is firsthand information; I was once overweight, overtired and depressed. That is, until I discovered 3 things - 3 discoveries about myself that helped me shed that unwanted 40 pound surplus. Even … [Read more...]