Is Your TV Addiction Killing You?

Are you like many North Americans who get home from a hard day of work and sit in front of the television to numb the day away? I know I used to be. There is comfort in tuning out the mind and just letting go. The television is the quickest way to escape our daily routine and forget all our troubles … [Read more...]

Carrageenan: What IS That?

In my blog post 5 Ingredients You Want to Avoid in 2014, I shared some important information you and your family need to know about. The last ingredient on this list was carrageenan and below you will find out why it is one you want to avoid. If you read food labels, you've probably stumbled … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Do you feel like your best friend in the morning is the snooze button on your alarm clock? I used to feel that way too! Sometimes I'd push that thing half a dozen times, right up until the very moment I had to get out of bed to make it to work on time. That often meant a quick stop at Tim Hortons … [Read more...]

Is Your Breakfast Routine Hurting You?

A wholesome and nutritious breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that’s the truth! What you eat for breakfast or don't eat, can have a major impact on how you feel for the rest of the day. A nutritious breakfast boosts your metabolism, nourishes your mind, helps cut cravings and will … [Read more...]

10 Healthy Snacks for your next Road Trip

Getting ready for a road trip is so much fun! Mapping out which routes you’re going to take, which sights you’re going to see and of course the SNACKS! Who doesn't love stocking up on their favourite snacks. Of course, there are the usual snack suspects - chips, pop and a big bag of licorice, but … [Read more...]

5 Foods That Inhibit Inflammation

If you follow nutrition news, you probably hear a lot of discussion of inflammation. According to some writers, it gets the blame for everything from gas to cancer. Inflammation is our body's natural immune response to injury or infection. When you get that itchy feeling under your band-aid, … [Read more...]

Summer Sports & Snacks

I'm very fortunate to live in a place where I am able to be outdoors all year long. Of course for many people that isn't always an option. With summer just around the corner, outdoor activities are available to everyone! I am an avid rock climber and mountain biker. In fact, I've already had 20 … [Read more...]

Easy to Grow Garden – Family Time

It's not always easy balancing out work life and family life. I think we all have had those moments where we realize we aren't spending enough time with the ones we love. Whether it's family or friends, it is really important to make that quality time happen. I always try and come up with creative … [Read more...]

Why You’re Not Losing Weight

The quest to lose weight seems never ending for many people. The problem is that many people focus on dieting as a means to lose weight. They deprive themselves, sometimes almost starve themselves in hope of a quick result. They may get quick result but as soon as they return to their normal eating … [Read more...]

Empower Your Day: Bike to Work

For many biking to work might sound like a bit of a hassle but that being said, if you've never tried it how would you really know? Many cities across Canada (dates vary) participate in Bike to Work Week. This event gives people, who might not normally bike to work, a chance to be a part of the … [Read more...]