What’s in Your Calories?

A good friend of mine recently shared a story with me that had him overly frustrated. Reaching into the mini-bar fridge in his hotel room, he was hoping to find something to ease his starvation. Still dripping sweat from his 20 minutes of running on the hotel treadmill, his hunger pangs were … [Read more...]

Power of Food Pregnancy! – Silky Smooth Skin Made Easy

Things have been moving along beautifully in Suzie's pregnancy. Her belly has been stretching bigger and bigger every few days to make room for our new family member. Suzie is really starting to embrace her motherly instincts and I am so excited to watch this beautiful transformation unfold. As … [Read more...]

My Top 3 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

I was recently asked by one of my Facebook fans if there is anything I do to stay healthy while traveling. "Hi Adam, do you tips to stay healthy while traveling. Is there something you do or take with you when you know you'll be on a plane?" - Daisy Here are my top 3 ways I stay healthy while … [Read more...]

Power of Food Pregnancy – Avoiding Morning Sickness

Our little guy keeps on getting bigger and bigger!  Suzie is now in her 21st week.  It seems as if every week things seem to become more exciting and energized, like the idea of changing dirty diapers....no not really. I am excited with all the amazing things I will be able to share with my newborn … [Read more...]

Power of Food Pregnancy! First Ultrasound – Are Ultrasounds Safe?

Things have really been picking up here at Power of Food.  Suzie is now in her 19th week and the baby is starting to play a bigger role in our lives, especially in Suzie's. We got back from the Doctor and the first ultrasound of the baby.  Even though it's a grainy black and white image, and the … [Read more...]

Only Two Types of Food

If I told you there were only 2 types of food, would you know what they are? I asked this questin on my Facebook fanpage and got several different answers. What do you think they are? When you get this concept, there is no more confusion around food, just simple eating for abundant health. Want to … [Read more...]

The Power of Food Pregnancy!

This is a very exciting time for me. My wife Suzie is pregnant with our first child.  She is currently in her 20th week.  The only way I can describe our feelings of late is one of being completely elated.  I am sure that many of you know what I am talking about; and for the others, I hope that … [Read more...]

5 Easy Superfoods to add to your Existing Meals

One of the few taboo words I am not fan of is the word Diet. It's a word that conjures up images of eating sliced cucumber and carrot sticks; one step closer toward pulling your hair out in frustration. It's full of negative reinforcement in the back of your mind.  Let's face it, diets suck! Over … [Read more...]

Are Sprouted Grain Breads Glutinous?

Here is my answer…... If it is made with a glutinous grain such as wheat, spelt, kamut or rye, then yes. 99.9% of the sprouted grain breads on the market are made with wheat, so yes it will still contain gluten. What a great question. Do you have a question you would like to have answered? Ask … [Read more...]

Which Body Part Can Jump Start Your Day?

Hey…..I know what your thinking, but let’s not go there…..ooops..I guess I just did! It’s funny how the mind likes to wonder and create all sorts of answers to this question. Have you figured it out yet, the one body part that can jump start your day? I have already given you the answer. Do you … [Read more...]