Gluten Be Gone

Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, arthritic symptoms or depression? IF YES, it may be because of the gluten you consume on a daily basis. Find out how you can help yourself thrive while avoiding unwanted illness and disease. About 30 days ago I made the personal decision to go gluten … [Read more...]

Inspiration for YOU!!

Inspiration for You!   I get so excited to share with you the emails and notes I receive from people who are taking action. Hey Adam, I’ve been using the Power of Food for almost a month and lost about 10lb. And I feel great. I didn’t’ find that transition to eating 50-80% whole food a day as … [Read more...]

This 1 food will ease you to better health!

This Superfood will Ease You to Better Health? The month of February is a special month. Not only do we begin to see more sunshine (yaaa), but it’s also the time of year where we get to put a little extra attention towards our loved ones thanks to Valentine’s Day. For this reason I would like to … [Read more...]

Adam’s take on Flax

Would you like a simple way to control your blood sugar? Eating flax seeds is one of the healthiest ways to do this. Watch this video to find out the amazing health benefits of eating flax seeds and the ideal way to consume them. … [Read more...]

Stress in Time for the Holidays

The holidays are just a few weeks away. This time of year always brings a smile to my face as I watch friends and family prepare for the coming festivities. What a special time of year when so many of us put aside our daily routines and engage in community events such as craft fairs and pot … [Read more...]

Top 3 Vancouver Restaurants for Healthy Eating

If you live in Vancouver or are planning to visit any time soon, be sure to visit my top 3 restaurants for healthy eating. Number 1 - Gorilla Foods 101 - 436 Richards Street, 604-684-3663 Last week I was in Vancouver doing a Power of Food presentation for a software company called Incognito and … [Read more...]

Cheerios: A Good Choice For a Healthy Snack?

Are Cheerios a Healthy Snack? Check out this post from my friend Snack Girl. I posted a comment you can view below. Let me know what you think, healthy or not? My Comment As much as one might believe Cheerios is a healthier choice for cereal, the truth is, you might as well be eating Frosted … [Read more...]

Making your New Year Resolutions Count

Will this be another New Year when you wonder how it got to be the end of February and still you have not begun to go after those New Year resolutions? How many of you know what it’s like to start the New Year off with great intentions towards your health, but only find yourself in the same old … [Read more...]