Banana Flax Jacks

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Bananas, whole grain flour, flax seeds and pure maple syrup are just what the doctor ordered to start your day. Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? what about struggling to stay awake at school or at the office? My “Banana Flax Jacks” are an amazing boost of energy and a great way to keep you rocking all day long. This simple recipe will have you and your family feeling amazing as you head out the door to live your day.

Flax is the number one source of fibre on the planet. it is for this reason that I chose to add a few teaspoons of ground flax to most of my meals. Fibre is the best way to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins which is crucial to your intestinal health. Make these pancakes for your kids and give them a healthy dose of fibre power.


1/4 cup ground flax seeds
1 tbsp unground flax seeds
1 organic egg
1 cup rice or almond milk
1-1/2 cup whole grain flour
1 tbsp raw cane sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 banana sliced thin
1 tsp cinnamon

How to Prepare

Combine all dry ingredients into one bowl and all wet ingredients into another except the banana. Mix each bowl well. Add all the bowl into the dry bowl and mix together. In a pan, place batter into hand size portions and place a few slices of banana into the top side of the pancake. Cook over medium heat with a little butter until done. Garnish with the rest of the banana slices.

I hope you enjoy this healthy version of a breakfast classic! Oh Yeah!

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