Author: Adam Hart

Get Outside & Play

Do you think you eat healthy? Most people do. I am sure you eat healthy to some extent, but without exercise, no amount of healthy eating is going to keep you in top shape Proper nutrition is crucial for abundant health, but without a healthy dose of exercise, you will never achieve your desired … [Read more...]

Wanting More Without Effort

Your brain is after one thing and one thing and one thing only….pleasure. The reality is, we will do anything to avoid pain and anything to gain pleasure. If you are like me you have spent a lot of time wondering why you are not healthier or why you don’t have that million dollars in the bank … [Read more...]

Making your New Year Resolutions Count

Will this be another New Year when you wonder how it got to be the end of February and still you have not begun to go after those New Year resolutions? How many of you know what it’s like to start the New Year off with great intentions towards your health, but only find yourself in the same old … [Read more...]