6 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

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If you’re like me, you spend many hours during the holiday season wishing you had put that extra piece of Christmas cake down before stuffing yourself silly. How many of you know you will overeat during the holidays this year? I bet many of you said yes.

Why is it that we know we will likely overeat yet we still accept doing it? Every year I go through the same ritual. For each and every dinner during the holidays my mouth begins to salivate. Just as the saliva prepares my digestive system for receiving the coming feast, my thoughts usually flush forward begging me “please don’t overeat, you know how you will feel”.

If you know you are likely to overeat this holiday season I would like to share with you my top 6 easy tips you can use to help reduce the impact that extra cookie or piece of cake will have on your health.

My 6 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

1. No Restrictions

Do not restrict yourself of what you eat. This will only lead to you wanting it more and that is no fun. Instead think of a few whole foods you can add to your meals that can help control your blood sugar like hemp seeds or ground flax seeds. This will allow you to avoid the sugar crashes associate with refined foods such as baked goods and breads without having your mind battle you over it.

2. Eat Half Your Portion

Only eat half the portion you would normally eat. Why not enjoy all the foods you like, but this year use a smaller plate as a technique to cut down your portions.

3. Eat with Chopsticks

Try using chopsticks when you eat. This obviously will not work for soup, but for everything else, using chopsticks will force you to eat slower. This will allow you to recognize your full signal when it kicks in. Your only job is to honor that signal and stop when you know you should.

4. Be Present

Be present with your food. Take each bite nice and slow over the holidays. Chew your food slowly and visualize each bite nourishing your cells with life giving nutrients.

5. Enjoy Dessert

Place 1 piece of dessert beside your plate while you eat dinner. This will act as a reminder to not overeat, allowing you to enjoy your dessert without forcing it down and being the first one to pass out on the sofa after dinner.

6. Breathe

Take time to breathe between each bite. Why rush another fork full into your mouth while you are still chewing on your last bite. We all do it. This year, stop between each bite and take a nice long deep breath and relax. This will help your digestion and allow you to feel less bloating and gain more energy.

The holidays are only a couple weeks away, which means you can take the tips I have given you and practice them a few times before the main event rolls around. The more you begin to incorporate healthier habits when it comes to overeating, the sooner you will reduce digestive ailments and allow you body to utilize the nutrients it is getting from your food. Remember, one of your digestive system’s main functions is to pull nutrients out of the food you eat. If you overeat, more energy is required for digestion, resulting less nutrients reaching your cells. You also get sleepy!

Remember that you have a choice! You can be that guy or girl passed out on the sofa just after dinner or use the tips above and enjoy the holidays with extra energy and a little room to spare.

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