5 ingredients you want to avoid in 2014

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Over the years I have gradually shifted my diet from being 80% processed food, meat and dairy based to today where I eat 80% plant based, living foods. What has this done for my health?

  • I lost over 40 pounds
  • reversed my pre-diabetic state
  • removed depression & anxiety
  • cured my food allergies
  • and now live with abundant energy everyday

With the consumption of processed foods also comes a constant attack on your immune system. This is because many of the ingredients found in processed food offer little to no nutritional value and cause internal inflammation. Over the past few months I introduced you to the new Power of Food blog series titles: What IS That?  

To ensure you did not miss a single What IS That? post, I want to share with you my Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid in 2014.


#1: Sulphites


#2: Soy Lecithin


#3: Natural Flavours


#4: Aspartame


#5: Carrageenan

You will notice you are not able to click on carrageenan to find additional info. This is because I have not yet posted it. I have uncovered some updated information about carrageenan I want to be sure to include before I share it with you.

Keep an eye on your in box next Tue as this is the day I will let you in on the next instalment of What IS That? Carrageenan and how to avoid it. You wont believe some of the common food items it can be found in.

If you are like me, you enjoy being energized everyday, you cherish quality sleep and  love feeling strong and healthy. Avoiding these 5 ingredients in 2014 will help reduce your internal inflammation and leave you empowered to continue making healthier choices.

Is there an ingredients you want to know more about? Do you have an ingredient insight your want to share? Let me know over on my Power of Food Facebook Fanpage.

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